Philadelphia-Based Solution to Clean Air! Biome – Living Wall


Biome is a startup located in Philadelphia. The CEO and inventor, Collin Cavote, is working with nature to solve one of the biggest problems in the world: Dirty Air.

From their entry page on

“…Biome is a student startup at Drexel devoted to cleaning air. Our living walls use nature to remove toxins from the air in your home or office. We’re developing a biowall that goes anywhere you do, because clean air matters. As a Philadelphia company, we’re committed to manufacturing locally. We look forward to being ‘Philly Made.’ This includes job creation for design, manufacturing, and distribution. As a green maker of a green product, we want to help Philadelphia become the best city for green living….”

by: Collin Cavote


Personally, I find this invention awesome! Hang a framed box of greenery to your wall and let it absorb the toxins in your air. As a music producer who spends hours on hours in a basement studio each day, I would love to have one of these hanging on my wall. As well silently cleaning up the air, it would probably absorb a lot of unwanted sound reverberations for a cleaner recording too. I’d buy five!


They’re not on Kickstarter, but they’ve entered the Philadelphia Lightning in a Bottle Competition for Philadeplhia-based business ideas. The winner will receive marketing services for one year from ab+c Creative Intelligence worth $60,000, plus other services from event partners to be determined. To help make this product a reality, all you have to do is vote!

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