Geek Collectors need your help!


You may or may not know who Jesse Collins and Ashley Parsley are, but you should. They are an amazing geek couple. Why are they amazing? Well they are super geek collectors, and when J1 Studios was trying to get off the ground they went out of their way to connect us with a lot of BIG names in the gaming industry. This is something that was done out of kindness and support, so we are asking for a little help for our fellow geeks.

“Ok, so a few days ago, we went to our storage unit to find our the lock had been changed. After getting the management involved, we come to find out nearly 80% of our worldly possessions had been stolen from there.

This included a very large gaming collection, a very large book collection, and several geeky artifacts from the past 20 years, among other items. Ashley’s candle collection, a very large tea collection, childhood and spiritual possessions; all gone. Our shelving was demolished, a bunch of our furniture was rendered unusable. They even took almost every dish we had. We are devastated.”
There are some shady people out there. So if you can, check out their Go Fund Me, and everything that went down.
To read more and help out click this link: