Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura!! Introduction – Asura!!

Asura vs. Kratos

In another place, in another time on another world, deceit has befallen another warrior. He was once a part of a group of deities whose purpose was to protect the people of a world known as Gaea from the dreaded Gohma. They have purified the Gohma centuries ago. The Gohma have returned stronger than ever and the Eight Guardian Generals must purify them again. He fought will them to purify the Gohma and was hailed a hero when he subdued the most powerful of the Gohma—Vlitra. However, that fame did not last. The 128th Emperor of the Deities known as Strada was found dead in the throne room and he was made a suspect. The other deities feared his power. He was accused of murder and treason. His wife is killed and daughter kidnapped. He is killed and sent to Naraka, the realm between life and death. Twelve thousand years pass when he returns to the living world. There, he encounters Wyzen, a member of the Seven Deities—formally the Eight Guardian Generals. He fights and defeats Wyzen despite that Wyzen called upon the Mantra, cosmic energy collected from the souls of their now human worshippers, to increase his size to planetary proportions. However, he paid a terrible cost.

Asura stands face to face with another former comrade named Yasha. He glares at him with contempt. They were once training partners now turned bitter enemies. Asura never really liked Yasha even though he is his wife’s Durga brother. Now he hates him even more and with good reason. Yasha should have been there for Durga. He should have been there to protect Mithra—his niece and Asura’s daughter—in Asura’s absence. But he was a coward, Asura thought. He did nothing to save Durga and Mithra. He did nothing to save him. Coward, Asura thought again, nothing but a coward.

“Why have you come back, Asura?” said Yasha. “To save your wife? To save your precious daughter?”

Asura glowers at Yasha, grinding his teeth as his hatred towards the coward grew. “Where is she? Where is Mithra?!” he demanded.

“Do you realize that Wyzen wasted millions of souls just to fight you? No, I guess not.”

“You give her back!”

“Your presence here will ruin all that we strived for. You are an evil that with throw this world into chaos. There is no place for you.”

“Liar!” yells Asura. He lunges at Yasha with his knee and misses. Asura comes back around and whips a kick into Yasha’s ribs. Yasha stands firm, unmoved by the attack. Asura launches at Yasha with amazing speed. He will stop his former comrade and rescue his daughter Mithra. Even if he has to do it without his arms which were lost in his victory over Wyzen, he will win. Asura whirls around with a kick. Again, Yasha anticipates and dodges. Asura whips out kick after kick after kick. Yasha calmly slips past each one. Asura lunges with a headbutt. Yasha sidesteps it, letting Asura stumble and fall to the ground.

“Pathetic. Look at you,” he says, looming over Asura. “You cannot harm me.”

Asura stands to his feet. His anger grew even more. He did not believe in fate. He cursed it the day his daughter was chosen as the next Priestess. Now her power is being abused. He will not stand for this. He will get Mithra back and he’ll go through each of the Seven Deities to do so including Yasha. “I’ll knock that mask… off your arrogant face!” Asura doesn’t care. He is driven by pure determination to save his daughter and rage against Yasha. The former Guardian General swings another kick. Yasha makes no attempt to defend, taking the full force of the attack to the side of his head. He looks at Asura with contempt from behind his mask.

“Your attacks aren’t worth dodging,” he says. Yasha grabs Asura’s leg and in one fluid motion, flips him in the air and sends him flying with a well-placed elbow strike. Asura tumbles across the ground; however, he is able to regain his footing even without his arms. Yasha stares him down. Why can’t he accept it, he thought; there is nothing he can do. But he knows Asura will not give up. Asura will fight on both with arms and without arms. That’s just his nature. All that anger burning within him with no way to extinguish it. Yasha knows and has seen this anger; it is Asura’s greatest strength and also his greatest weakness. This unquenchable anger gives Asura incredible strength but he also tends to be reckless and clumsy. Yasha has always taken advantage of that clumsiness, just like now. He lunges and tackles him to the ground. “You will not interfere,” he says.

Asura kicks him off and attacks. “Speak sense,” he yells.

Yasha counters each attack, trying to convince Asura that the world he knew is gone. “Things have changed.”

Yet Asura refuses to believe him. “Nothing has changed!”

“How would you, the fallen, know?” says Yasha, who continues to keep Asura on the ropes.

“More than you!” Asura fires back, unrelenting in his assault. He launches one more solid kick to Yasha. The masked man drops his guard and takes it.

“You’re only doing harm to yourself,” Yasha says as he grabs Asura’s ankle, reels one arm and deals out a solid blow that spins Asura onto his back and sliding on the ground. “Enough. We are bringing salvation to Gaea.” Yasha continues to preach to Asura, “There is nothing you can do. As Priestess, Mithra has dedicated herself to the salvation of our world. You should be proud.”

Proud is far from anything Asura is feeling now. “Be proud…of Mithra’s suffering?!”

“Yes and I’ll say it again! Your daughter is dedicated to the cause that will save our world.”

“Who do you think you are!?”

Yasha stands for a moment before stoically answering, “God.”
Anger swells from deep within Asura. The Seven Deities have proclaimed themselves as rulers of the world and Mithra is being forced to follow through with it. He will not stand for it. He refuses to see his daughter suffer. The inextinguishable anger Asura is known for boils over. Gathering his strength, he launches at Yasha, yelling his name. Yasha is stunned. He had thought Asura had spent his energy in his battle against Wyzen. Asura lands a solid head butt on the mask. The force destroys a column of stone a few yards behind Yasha and sends him sliding back. Asura’s momentum carries him forward still and he crashes to the ground. He may have not defeated Yasha; however, he did succeed in his earlier threat. Asura did knock off Yasha’s mask. “You’re as ugly as ever,” he says looking up at Yasha.

“As is your temper,” Yasha says back. He walks up to Asura who hauls himself to his knees, battered and worse for wear. “Before the cause, it is meaningless!” Yasha raises a hand, channels his energy and swipes it down, cutting the ground and Asura in half. Asura collapses and dies. A moment passes. The ground crumbles around them revealing the lava beneath it. Yasha watches stoically as Asura’s body sinks in the lava lake. “Do not return,” he says with detached sympathy. “Witness the salvation of the world from the depths of Naraka.” Yasha picks up and reattaches his mask and then leaves Asura to be consumed by the lava.

“We meet again.”

Asura awakens to the sound of the grainy voice taunting him. Looking, he finds himself clinging to a giant stone pillar, one of many spread out around in this empty space. Somehow his arms have been restored. Below is nothingness. No ground of any kind, just a void. Above is the way to back to the living world. Once again, he has been sent to Naraka, the nether realm where dead souls go for eternity. He was sent here before when the Guardian Generals betrayed him. He stood against his former leader Deus and in turn, Deus killed him for treason, sending him here. He escaped by climbing one of these pillars which connects Naraka to Gaea. And he will do it again, in order to save his daughter.

“So, what now?” Asura looks at the Golden Spider hanging from a thin thread of webbing next to him. This spider has greeted Asura before when he awakened 12,000 years after he was betrayed. It tries to convince him to give up his quest to save Mithra and leave the Seven Deities to their endeavors. Asura refuses to listen. “You are a demigod just as they are, you know,” the Golden Spider teased. “Hmm, if you can accept their actions then perhaps you should let go and allow your soul to become one with Gaea again.” Getting his daughter back is the only thought in his mind. He cannot let the Seven Deities continue to make Mithra suffer. Asura begins to climb.

“Moving forward?” said the Golden Spider with delight. “This is why your soul will never belong to the Gohma or the Seven Deities. There is a great power hidden in you, one I have been looking for.” Asura climbs higher with the gleaming arachnid still chewing on his ear, “Deus is to bring salvation to Gaea. But he can’t do it without your precious daughter’s power.” Asura stops at the mention of his daughter.

“Mithra,” he says.

“Yes, remember why you are here. It will spur you on, my boy. Help fuel the fire.”

Asura’s mind wanders back to the day Mithra was born. He remembers her crying whenever he was holding her. She was so small. He was unsure of what to do when she cried. He, a warrior, was now a father. With this child, he now had a family to protect. He had a daughter to protect. From birth, Mithra was destined to be the next Priestess. That is why he cannot let the Seven Deities continue to use Mithra’s power. Asura must protect her. He resumes climbing.

“At least we know now what fuels the flame in your heart.” Somehow, the Golden Spider is able to peer into Asura’s mind. It knows about the day Mithra was chosen to be Priestess. “In other words, you—”

“Stop,” Asura said, cutting of the spider’s sentence.

The spider looks at him, confused. “What was that?”

“The…crying…” Asura said, remembering how Mithra cried and how could do nothing to sooth her. “Stop it!” He remembers his lovely wife Durga, who believed that he only wanted the best for their daughter. Does Mithra have the best now? No, not as long as she is in the hands of those whom he once fought alongside of. Not as long as she is being made to suffer. Not as long as she is crying. His rage renewed and boiling, Asura resume climbing, faster.

“Why are you so full of rage, Asura?” asked the spider, ascending quickly with him.

Asura did not answer. His only thought is saving Mithra. He has to sooth her from crying. Faster he climbs until he is sprinting up the pillar. Higher and higher, faster and faster he ascends. His rage rises with each step he takes. He has to save her. He has to.

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