Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura: Battle of the Gods!!

Asura vs. Kratos

As Asura lay still on the ground, his mind wonders back to the moment that spurred his quest for vengeance against the Guardian Generals for their betrayal, the death of his wife Durga and the kidnapping of his daughter Mithra. He was branded a traitor for a crime he did not commit. He is a failure for not being able to protect his wife and child. He remembers the blood on his hands from touching the Emperor’s body. He remembers holding his wife as she died in his arms. He remembers her last words to him. “Protect our daughter.” He sees his daughter, crying. Somewhere, Mithra is crying. He has to find her. He has to stop her from crying.

Kratos stops walking when he senses something behind him. There is a power that is growing. The false god, he thought. Kratos suspected that Asura wouldn’t be brought down easily. He snarls with contempt and adjusts the Nemean Cestus. He turns back toward where he left Asura. Kratos is rocked by a blow that threatened to rupture his organs. He looks in the angry face of Asura who has recovered from the beating Kratos gave him moments ago. Then his eyes lay upon something he hadn’t expected. Asura had sprouted four extra arms on his back. Asura uses his extra limbs to cave in Kratos chest and then his face before launching into the air. He leaps up after him to deliver another blow. His fist clashes with one Nemean Cestus gauntlet. They ride the momentum of the force generated by Asura’s attack, continuously punching each other. Asura and Kratos reel back and clash again. Kratos uses the jaws of the gauntlets to hold both of Asura’s main fists while he sways his head and body just out of range of the other limbs trying to pound him. Asura pulls Kratos toward and lands a clean hit on his jaw with one of his arms. Kratos shakes it off and answers back with a blow of his own and one more for emphasis. Asura spreads his arms wide and attempts to crush his opponent but Kratos has dealt with multi-armed adversaries before. He uses the gauntlets to stop and then repel Asura’s arms. With a roar, Kratos draws himself close to Asura, swings above him and delivers blow after blow with the lion head gauntlets. Asura takes each strike and answers back with punches of his own. They beat and pound each other relentlessly as they fall from the sky far from the decimated village, far from the canyon, far from the lifeless bodies that lay askew in the village. So caught up in their fight they fail to notice to ground fast approaching them.

They slam into the earth and tumble violently across while they still delivered punishing blows. Kratos lands a solid hit that staggers Asura just enough for him to get his feet under him, roll, and fling Asura through the air. Asura hits the ground and rolls to his feet. The two men glare fiercely at each other, grinding their teeth. The new area they are in is a desolate landscape with natural stone structures and large boulders. This would be the perfect place for them to cut loose without worrying about any collateral damage, not that they were concerned about it before.

Asura breaks into a sprint. Kratos does the same. Their feet devour the ground as they rush headlong at each other, bellowing forth battle yells. They draw back once they are in range and drive their fists forward with all their might. The clash sends a resounding shockwave that splits the ground and equally repels Asura and Kratos back. They yell and charge each other again and clash again, creating another shockwave. However, they hold their ground this time. Asura shoves Kratos fist away and drives in his chest and face with his other arms, spinning Kratos around. Kratos answers back with a powerful back-fist that staggers Asura but Asura recovers, lunges forward, and pounds Kratos with all his arms before delivering a punishing blow that sends the Spartan tumbling head over heels. He quickly closes in on Kratos before he can recover and threatens to crush his body with all three arms again, burying a fist in his gut, chest and face in sequence. Kratos slams through a stone structure, bounces across the ground before he manages to flip himself to his feet. He sees Asura rushing toward him with each of his six fists clenched tightly. He prepares to meet him head on but decides against it. His opponent is in a headlong rush. He will wait for the right moment to strike. Kratos drops into an attack stance.

Suddenly, Asura leaps into the air at the last second, over Kratos’ head and lands behind him. He launches himself at Kratos and caves his face in his knuckles, sending him crashing through another stone structure. Asura’s feet eat up the ground as he sprints to Kratos and grabs his ankle.

“Let’s see how you like it!” he growls just before bashing his adversary’s head into the ground. The former Guardian General pounds Kratos with all six of his fists. Kratos is helpless as he takes each enraged strike. Grabbing a bald head, Asura hurls Kratos to the sky. He rockets up after him only to be driven down by a blow from the lion headed gauntlets on Kratos’ fists. Casting out a lion head, Kratos catches Asura by the ankle as he fell and yanks himself toward him. A loud clang fills the air as Nemean Cestus gauntlet meets Asura’s jaw. Asura careens to the ground and slams into it with a thunderous impact. Kratos brings his arms to the sides of his body and enters a power dive. The ground and Asura approaches quickly. Kratos raises both gauntlets above his head, bellowing forth a fierce war cry. His impact sends a plume of dust into the air. The dust slowly begins to settle. Kratos looks at Asura and snarls. Asura had grabbed the Nemean Cestus before they crushed his skull and now he holds them at arm’s length. Muscles knot in his shoulders and back as Kratos pushes down with all his might. Asura resists, holding the Spartan at bay. With his other arms, he delivers a clean hit in either side of Kratos’ ribs and then pummels his body with bone shattering blows. Kratos winces with pain from the ceaseless pounding but he maintains his resolve. Blood trickles from the corner of his mouth as he fights to keep from hollering out. It is not long before his body can no longer take any more punishment. Asura, sensing that his enemy is beginning to submit to pain, releases the gauntlets and kicks his foe away.

Kratos slams on his back after a brief flight. His body is racked with pain that he fights off as he rises to his feet. Kneeling, he takes a breath. His lungs burned. He can feel a rib out of place. Kratos dispels the Nemean Cestus for the Blades of Exile. Their power began to rejuvenate him. Slowly, he begins to feel like himself. Kratos stands to his height. He grips the blades tightly as he glares at Asura. His chest still aches from the false god’s pounding. Luckily, half the blood in his veins comes from the King of Olympus Zeus himself. His lineage to the Skyfather gives him godlike strength and superior durability. If he can withstand Atlas’ might when the Titan held Kratos like a speck of dust in between his fingers, then he is able to take any punishment Asura deals out. Kratos thinks for a moment about how he could turn this battle to his favor. The Nemean Cestus helped greatly but if he had the other gifts the gods bestowed upon him, this battle would have been won. Sadly, the moment he was sent to Hades he lost those gifts. But what about the Titans, he wondered. Does he still have their gifts? Kratos does not ponder this for long. His enemy is running out of patience. He places the Blades of Exile on his back and brings his left arm back down. At first, there is nothing. Then he feels something enter his right hand. Kratos immediately recognizes the object and draws it forth. Typhon’s Bane is still in his possession, ripped from the eye of the Titan Typhon himself. This bow, which bares Typhon’s image, has aided him during his quest to seek the Sisters of Fate. Kratos is not sure how much power the bow has left. For now, if he can’t bash his opponent to pieces then he’ll shred him to ribbons. He draws the string back and takes aim.

Asura stares down Kratos. He doesn’t know why his enemy is not advancing and he doesn’t care. All he cares about is saving his daughter Mithra and taking down the Seven Deities. He will crush anyone who stands in his way. “Fine, if you won’t come to me,” he says, tired of waiting for Kratos to make the first move. He takes off like a rocket in a ground devouring sprint toward the ash colored man. “Then I’ll come to you!”

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