First look at Pennywise from new “It” film!!


Stare into his saffron yellow eyes. This is the face of the creature that is set to terrify you in the new adaption of Stephen King’s classic novel “It”. Bill Skarsgard is taking over the role of the most fearsome creature to clutch a bouquet of balloons. Tim Curry’s unforgettably frightening performance as the demented clown made Pennywise into a horror icon. He has been regarded as “one of the most frightening of evil clowns to appear on the small screen” and that it “reflects every social and familial horror known to contemporary America”. Pennywise has even been comparable as the “embodiment our primal fears in a sociopathic Ronald McDonald who oozes honeyed guile”. From this first image, Bill seems to have gotten the creepy glare right. “It” is set for September 8, 2017.