Fight Stick Fridays: Sai Evermore

Every Friday, J1Studios will be featuring an arcade stick modder for #fightstickfridays. Last week, the clean wiring and clear cases of Crispy Links was featured, and this week the spotlight will be focused on Sai Evermore.


Probably the most famous of Sai’s work is the Green Ranger Arcade stick he made that was signed by THE green ranger himself, Jason David Frank! He is passionate and driven about his art, and is a professional graphic designer at the Evermore Standard. He can design stick art, youtube/twitch banners, cover photos, icons, all of your gaming needs. He specializes in one-offs, so anything you get from him will be one of a kind. Check him out!


Here are some examples of his work:

And if you missed last week on Facebook, here is some of the best of Crispy’s work as well.

What do you think? If you are a stick modder, have a favorite artist\technician, or have any feedback leave a comment below!