Fathom Events, Hasbro to screen Transformers: The Movie in U.S. theaters in September!!

You got the power this September when the 1986 animated feature Transformers: The Movie returns to theaters for a one-day special event. Hasbro Studios and Fathom Events will screen the film in 500 theaters across the United States on September 27. The event will include an exclusive look at the “Bumblebee” movie, the sixth film in the live action Transformers series, and an interview with Stan Bush, the singer behind the film’s title song “The Touch.” Shout! Factory released Transformers: The Movie on Blu-Ray in 2016 which was remastered from the original 35mm film print and is now a 4K transfer with 25mm elements.

Transformers: The Movie hit theaters on August 8, 1986. Though it was not a financial success, making $5.8 million at the box office on a $6 million budget, the film has become a cultural icon with notable moments including the introduction of Unicron, an unforgettable voice cast and one of the most impactful moments (as well as painful memory) in animation history, the death of Optimus Prime. The film is still beloved to this day by fans old and new, who see it as superior to the explosive eye-candy Michael Bay films.

1st Transformers: The Movie trailer

2nd Transformers: The Movie trailer

Fathom events website will update with showtimes at a later date.