Fantastic Four, X-Men return to Marvel Studios!!

That could be a possibility if Disney has their way. Disney has been in talks about purchasing a large portion of 21st Century Fox. Such a deal would mean that Marvel would get back X-Men and Fantastic Four and Disney would get the home video right to the original Star Wars films that have eluded them for so long. This could mean that comic fans will get what they want and see X-Men characters crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On top of that, we might potentially get a proper Fantastic Four, which would be huge after the municipal waste that was the 2015 film directed by Josh Trank. But not so fast. As of late, things have quieted down between Disney and Fox. But if talks resume at some point, Disney stands a big gain if a deal is made. Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox not only grants them access to the original Star Wars trilogy and give Marvel back Fantastic Four and X-Men, they would also acquire National Geographic Channel, FX, and, most importantly, 20th Century Fox Studios, which would eliminate more competition and increase Disney’s foothold in television media. Should this purchase happen, Disney would also gain a lot of media and movie stock from Fox, which they can air on their streaming channel. Disney plans to remove all of their films and shows from Netflix and a potential purchase of Fox will most assuredly give them a leg up over Netflix since Disney already has a massive library of movies and shows. When Disney brought Lucasfilm in 2012, they couldn’t get the rights to the original two trilogies since those are still owned by 20th Century Fox who will retain the rights through to 2020. A purchase by Disney would erase all of that.

However, let’s not jump the gun. The talks have ceased for now. Disney and Fox have been speaking here and there but there is not tangible. And if there was, the price tag would be ridiculous. Disney spent $4.06 billion to get a hold of Lucasfilm. 21st Century Fox is a far bigger company so the bill to buy them out would like be astronomical. For now, there is no price tag. This doesn’t mean that Disney can’t get the deal. They managed to snatch up Lucasfilm along with it properties and reeled in Marvel Studios, which worked out awesomely, by the way. However, the one major concern is the future of Deadpool. The 2016 film featuring the “Merc with the Mouth” was the film fans wanted. The film became both a financial and critical success: it earned over $783 million, breaking numerous records and becoming the overall highest-grossing R-rated film, the highest grossing X-Men film, and the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2016. Deadpool’s future could be in jeopardy if Disney gets a hold of it.

Source: CNBC

21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney: Sources from CNBC.