Fairy Tale, Darker Than Black VA to voice Uncle Qrow in RWBY Volume 7!!

Bobby (Jason Liebrecht). From the feature film “Home”. Photo credit by Gabe Evans/Richard Seitz.

RWBY director Kerry Shawcross revealed today the new actor who will portraying Qrow Branwen following the departure of Vic Mignogna earlier this year. Jason Liebrecht will be replacing Mignogna as the new voice behind Ruby and Yang’s beloved alcoholic uncle. Liebrecht’s best known roles include Lavi and the Millennium Earl in the D.Gray-man series, Syaoran in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Cardcaptor Sakura, Rob Lucci in the Funimation dub of One Piece, Tapion in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, Hei in Darker than Black, Yato in the Noragami series, and Larcade Dragneel in the final season of Fairy Tail.

Kerry Shawcross confirmed the casting of Liebrecht in a journal entry on the Rooster Teeth website. “One more thing that’s obviously had a lot of conversation around it is who will be voicing Qrow,” Shawcross said. Then he continued, “2019 has been a wild year for me as I grow and develop my role and responsibilities as a creator, and for my own mental sanity, I’m choosing to move forward on a lot of these topics in a positive light. To that end, I can’t think of anything more positive than to have Jason Liebrecht voice Qrow Branwen. We’re incredibly excited to be working with him and he’s already doing an amazing job.”

While there is currently not release date for RWBY Volume 7, Kerry promises that the premiere date for RWBY will be discussed at RTX in Austin, TX this weekend.

RWBY is an anime-inspired webseries created by Monty Oum and premiered on Rooster Teeth in 2013. Volume 2 followed in 2014, Volume 3 in 2015, Volume 4 in 2016, and Volume 5 in 2017. Volume 6 premiered in October 2018 and concluded in January 2019. The seventh volume is currently in production.

Sources: Rooster Teeth website