Fairy Tail sequel gets a release date!!

Well, the Fairy Tail Guild’s adventures continue in the official sequel to the fantasy manga created by Hiro Mashima. Atsuo Ueda (Dr. Prisoner, Hajime Shachō Monogatari) reveals that the sequel manga will be launched on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket manga app on July 25. The first chapter will also be printed in the 34th issue of the magazine.

Kenshiro Sakamoto will be working on “Fairy Tail: Happy’s Grand Adventure”, the spinoff manga starring Happy in his own adventure, which will be launching “soon.” Another spinoff, “Fairy Tail: City Hero”, is being written and illustrated by Ushio Andō. Hiro Mashima himself is working on two more “Fairy Tail” spinoffs in the midst of working on his new manga EDEN’S ZERO which is being released simultaneously in English, French, Thai, Korean and Chinese. Kondasha is publishing the English release.

Source: Anime News Network