Enter Sandman!! Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep3 Recap!!


Hush little, don’t say a word and never mind that noise you heard/it’s just the beast under your bed/in your closet and in your head ~ “Enter Sandman” by Metallica

sleepy-hollow_1-3_sandmanA psychoanalyst who had treated Abbie’s sister Jennifer throws herself off a building, and her eyes are found to be full of sand. Crane and Abbie visit Jennifer in the institution where Crane speaks with Jennifer. Jennifer tells him if he wants help to ask Abbie. Outside, Crane questions abbie about her relationship with her sister. She tells him about the day they saw the demon in the woods. While her sister told the psychologist everything, Abbie denied their experience. Mr. Gillespie, who also saw the demon encountered by the Mills sisters ten years earlier, shoots himself during a police siege, but not before telling Abbie that she will be the next victim if she falls asleep. With the help of a Mohican “shaman”/used car salesman, Abbie and Ichabod undergo a ritual to enter the dream world of the Sandman, and Abbie must atone for her past actions. Afterward, Abbie goes to the institution to talk to her sister only to find that she has escaped.

With this episode, we enter the realm of legendary dream maker the Sandman. His story has been told through the years depicting as either good or evil or both. But the single important aspect of him being the master of dreams remains constant. In Dreamwork’s “Rise of the Guardians” movie, he is depicted as being good. Heavy metal band Metallica wrote a song about the dream maker title “Enter Sandman” which puts a dark twist on the character. Sleepy Hollow takes a look at the evil aspect of the Sandman where he invokes nightmares and his victims die with their eyes full of sand as punishment for their sins. This Sandman is actually based upon a Mohawk legend about a dream spirit that punishes those who bear false witness.

sleepy-hollow_1-3_crane-millsAbbie has done such a thing. She meets her sister years after their experience in the woods. It’s a bitter sweet reunion as Jennifer refuses to speak to her. We get a little insight to Abbie’s struggle dealing with the supernatural. The experience in the woods when she was a child had a traumatizing effect on her, causing her to close her mind to it. Abbie just did what any child would do when they see something they can’t explain. By doing this, Jennifer suffers years of isolation in an institution while Abbie was allowed to remain in foster care. She truly believed that she was protecting herself but lying comes with a price. For her sake, she learns this lesson by the episode’s end. Maybe now she’ll be a little more open about the strange happenings in Sleepy Hollow.

Crane is still dealing with the modern world but he is starting to come around. He got a taste of an energy drink and reacted exactly as expected. But he’s also trying to better understand Abbie. They butt heads repeatedly as he tries to get her to accept her role in the forthcoming Apocalypse. After visiting Jennifer, Abbie’s sister, he asks Abbie about that day. He suspects that she hid herself from the truth out of fear; fear of what people will think of her, fear of what she will think of herself. Crane does his best to help her cope with but it’s not until Mr. Gillespie, who also saw the demon, commits suicide that Abbie finally gives in and lets Crane help her. Being English and born in Colonial times, Crane is devoted to those he works with. He has had many friends in the Revolutionary War and proud to have served with them. Abbie is no exception. He follows her into the dream world to do battle with the Sandman. Even though he is gravely injured, he still tries to defend Abbie. After defeating the Sandman, he shares a moment with her as acquaintances. Perhaps this experience will bring them closer together as partners. I like how creative this series thus far. With the Revolutionary War as the backdrop, there is so much source material to tap into. Tonight tackled a Native American tale. I am now very interested to see the direction this series goes next.