End of an Era!! Sony drops support for PS3 and Vita!!


Announced today, Sony will be ending its support of the Playstation 3 and Vita systems along with several other devices. So if you’re looking to sign up for PlayStation Now on those systems, forget it. Sony instead has opted to focus on the Playstation 4 and the user interface on windows so this feature can be further enhanced, which the company hopes will generate extra revenue. Service support for the Vita, PS3, and other devices including Samsung TVs, Sony Bravia TVs and all Blu-ray players will end on August 15. The list of effected items are as follows:
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation TV
All Sony Bravia TVs from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
All Sony Blu-ray players
All Samsung TVs.


Sony has further stated that as of March 15, you will no longer be able to sign up to Playstation Now through the effected devices. However, you will be able to do so through Playstation 4 and PC when your subscription lapses.

On March 15, the final Playstation 3 sold in Japan. Sony plans to fade their last generation systems out by years end. Games will still be released but no new sign ins or updates for PlayStation Now will be available no longer on those devices.