Encompassing Darkness/Guiding Light!! RWBY Vol. 6 Ep. 6 Review!!

Weiss: “Honestly, it is rude to read without watching the episode first. How uncouth. Let me spell it out for you. Watch first. Then read afterward.”

Rooster Teeth is really cranking things up this season. When Ruby and the gang arrived in a small town to find it sort of abandoned save for the townsfolk quietly nuzzled in their beds for an eternal winter’s nap, I figured something really strange had to happen. What this episode showed was not what I was expecting. The morale is at an all time low for our small band of hunters. Perhaps the pressure of Ozpin’s secret and the inevitable battle with an immortal witch is weighing heavily on everyone’s shoulders. Yang, Weiss and Blake try to convince Ruby to drop the lamp down the well after questing what their purpose is and why they need to go to Atlas. Ruby does her best to try and keep everyone’s spirits up. She even takes charge when Qrow drinks himself into a stupor, seemingly unwilling to go on as he battles his own personal demons. We know Qrow is a drinker but he has been hitting the sauce quite a bit recently, especially after learning about Ozpin and Salem’s history. This is the most broken we have seen him thus far. Ozpin was only person in all of Remnant whom Qrow trusted after he was asked to join Ozpin’s inner circle after breaking away from his sister Raven and her malicious clan. Now his faith in Ozpin has been completely destroyed. He has fallen into a state of hopelessness, failing to see that there is one other person who can restore that hope – his niece Ruby.

You probably wondered about Maria Calavera and her role in all of this. Well, Maria drops a bombshell at the end of the episode. But first, let’s get to what was in the basement. In the last episode, the basement door was moved by something. Now we get to what it was. Team RWBY drops down the well into the water tunnels beneath the farmhouse to retrieve the lamp when they encounter a new type of Grimm – Apathy. From the journal that Maria Calavera found in the house, these Grimm drain their victims’ willpower. Which is fitting for the Grimm since Apathy does mean to lack of interest or concern. Thus, this is what happened to the townsfolk. They were drained of their willpower and simply gave up on everything, even living. The Apathy threaten to do the same to Ruby and her friends. That is until Maria coaches Ruby on how to release her special ability with her eyes and eliminate most of the Apathy. If you recall when Ozpin first met Ruby, he mentions that she has silver eyes. With all his centuries of excess baggage, it will not be a surprise if Ozpin also knows about the Silver Eyed warriors. For now, Maria Calavera has a one-up on Ozpin when she reveals that her eyes are also silver. This revelation will likely lead to Ruby learning more about her power and how to harness it with Maria’s help. But the thought of a possible consequence for using this power cannot be ruled out.

The team may be tainted after their encounter with the Apathy Grimm. Words were said that cannot be taken back and there is a chance that hidden feelings may have been revealed. Though they have issued their apologies, the question now left is can they refortify themselves.

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