Dragon Ball Super finale review and series overview!!


Well, we have come to the conclusion of yet another Dragon Ball series. As a long time fan, I was excited when it was announced in 2015 that a new series featuring Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball gang was happening and that the overall concept is coming from Akira Toriyama himself, unlike the “non-cannon” series Dragon Ball GT which Toriyama called a “spin off series.” Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z that sees Goku and his friends encountering new powerful enemies from other universes and fights with the gods themselves. The series concluded with an epic clash of powers and an unlikely union.

Most unlikely of unions! Frieza put aside his hatred for Goku to fight alongside him in the final battle against Jiren.

So, let’s begin with the finale episode that aired over the weekend that concluded the Tournament of Battle arc. I have thoroughly enjoyed this battle between Goku and Jiren, the powerful fighter from Universe 11. Goku, once again, unlocks a new level of power that not even the Gods themselves have achieved, Ultra Instinct. He uses his new-found power to beat Jiren to a weakened state until the energy runs dry. Just as Jiren was about to make Goku drop out, Android 17 and Frieza arrive to finish what Goku had started. This episode featured some of the best animation in a fight sequence to be seen in the series. The team up of Goku and Frieza was unexpected yet expected at the same time. Given their history, this tag team was very unlikely to happen, especially since Frieza hates the Saiyans and he was killed three times by Saiyans, twice by Goku. However, it was expected since ninety percent of Goku’s friends have tried to kill him at upon their first meeting. What made this brief union even more exciting is that they worked together better than when Goku and Vegeta teamed up. Vegeta’s pride has always been his biggest issue. He has missed opportunities to truly better himself as a warrior if he had chosen to work with Goku rather than against him. Frieza put aside his hatred for Goku (Mind you, Goku killed him twice) to fight with him in order to defeat Jiren and save Universe 7 from erasure, even if it’s so he can continue his evil ways. Heck, he even put his hatred aside to assist Gohan in his fight against one of Universe 11’s warriors. On top of that, Frieza loaned Goku some of his energy when Goku was beaten down by Toppo. This by no means suggests that he is going to take the path of Piccolo and mellow out enough to be begin baby sitting Vegeta’s daughter Bra. But, perhaps the intergalactic Emperor of Evil may have found new respect for the Saiyans and could be come useful again when the time comes.

Goku awakens a new level of power, Ultra Instinct

With the Tournament of Power arc concluded, Dragon Ball Super comes to a close for now with the hope of seeing what new adventure await our favorite characters from Universe 7. Dragon Ball Super has given fans the mix of action and humor that the Dragon Ball series is known for as well as a fresh start for the beloved characters and introducing interesting new ones. Akira Toriyama has truly worked his magic on this latest incarnation of one of the longest running anime series ever. The series also gave us a look at the lives of other characters who were introduced late in the Dragon Ball Z series, such as Goten, Kid Trunks and Majin Buu. Watching the series gave me took me back to the days of watching Dragon Ball Z and feeling that amazement of seeing the intense, large scale battles, interesting characters and a compelling storyline that kept you coming back for more. No lie, there was great concern about the future of the series with the sudden passing of Hiromi Tsuru, who had voiced Bulma since her very first encounter with Goku while hunting for the Dragon Balls. Thankfully, actress Aya Hisakawa is stepping in fill this beloved role, having portrayed Bulma in a Japanese commercial for Dragon Ball themed cleaning products. Overall, Dragon Ball Super has once again reminded the older fans why this is the best action saga of all time and why new fans should consider it the same. The days of the Anime Revolution of the nineties were revived and Akira Toriyama is to thank for that.

The picture’s caption says it all.

Goku and his friends will return following the planned Dragon Ball Super movie due out later this year. And we fans will be right there waiting to see what new enemies will appear and what new limits Goku and Vegeta will break. Until then, we bid Universe 7 farewell.

Let’s enjoy the deadliest of enemies join forces once more!