Dragon Ball returns to historic timeslot!!

It’s been several weeks since we saw mortal enemies Goku and Frieza defeat the powerful Jiren in the Tournament of Power to conclude “Dragon Ball Super.” With the series in hiatus, fans can play catch up or relive the epic moments in English dub on Funimation. Announced on the Toonami Twitter page, Dragon Ball Super will be heading into primetime. The series will begin airing on July 2 at 7:00 pm CST (9:00 pm EST) for the first time in over a decade, with King of the Hill moving out. Dragon Ball Super will be the only anime in the timeslot on Adult Swim Monday nights; however, these are not new episode as it will be starting from Episode 1. Goku and the Z Warriors will still retain their Saturday 9:00 CST (11:00 EST) time on Toonami. Other shows such as Hunter X Hunter, FLCL: Warriors, One Piece and My Hero Academia will also continue to air on Saturdays. Dragon Ball Super’s move does open the door for more anime to air in primetime.