Down but not out, GameStop to offer new store concept and retro gaming!!

It’s no secret that GameStop has been on life support for some time now, and they are not pulling the plug just yet. The retail chain is looking to turn their woes into ‘wows’ with an idea for new store concepts and by [re]introducing retro gaming. According to IGN, the new direction is part of the partnership with colossal marketing company R/GA. GameStop is looking to tap into creating a space for gamers to play classic titles and try out games before purchasing them, something that was done in the days of Software ETC and Funcoland before those stores were brought out by GameStop. With this new conception, GameStop also wants to offer things like competitive sessions in home-grown e-Leagues at locations that strictly sell retro software and hardware. They also want to create a space for gamers to take part in local video game competitions or somewhere for gamers to sit in front of a decent CRT TV. With these new ideas, GameStop hopes to “re-affirm its place in video game culture.”

GameStop suffered a loss of half a billion dollars in November 2018 even after selling Sprint Mobile for seven million.

Sources: IGN, Globe News Wire