Dora the Explorer gets live action film?! Oh Dios mío…

Ay caramba! Yes, this is happening. The little bambina and her monkey pal are coming to the big screen. Paramount pictures has a live action adaption of Dora the Explorer in the works set for release next year. Michael Bay will be producing the film through his production company, Platinum Dunes. James Bobin, director of “The Muppets”, “Muppets: Most Wanted”, and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, is behind the film. “The Muppets” script writer Nick Stuller is handling the plot. The movie is set for release August 2, 2019 and will center on Dora as a teenager moving to the big city and living with her cousin.

Dora the Explorer is a children’s educational program that ran from 2000-2014 for a total of eight seasons. It followed the young Latina girl as she went on adventures around the world, teaching young kids how to be helpful, life lessons and a little Spanish. The series was followed by a sequel, “Dora and Friends: Into the City” which featured an 10 year old Dora and her friends exploring the city they live in.

Source: Variety

Come to think of it, we don’t have to wait for Michael Bay. College Humor already beat them to the punch by making a trilogy featuring “Modern Family’s” Ariel Winter as Dora. Ironically, I wouldn’t doubt that Bay follows the same route.

Dora must find the a mystic artifact in “Dora the Explorer: The Search for the Infinity Orb”

Swiper is at it again! An explorer is needed!

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