DmC: Devil May Cry E3 trailers!!

I remember that day back in October 2001 when I got my hands on what turned out to be one of the best video game series created. I’m a big fan of Devil May Cry and its characters. I’ve played every game; read the books; watched the anime. So imagine my excitement when I first saw the teaser trailer in 2011. I like neo-futuristic feel the series reboot offers. With Hideki Kamiya now with Platinum Games, Capcom passed the torch to Ninja Theory, best known for “Heavenly Sword”, to continue the Devil May Cry franchise. Contraversy came quickly at this announcement as fans of the series quickly jumped down Ninja Theory and Capcom’s throats once the new image of Dante was revealed. The new dark-haired Dante was immediately hated saying “He looks like a wuss” and “This isn’t Dante!” They called for a redo of the Devil Hunter to resemble the Dante fans are familiar with–white hair and red trench coat. But this couldn’t be done because Capcom told the Ninja Theory staff to change his image to appeal to a younger audience though they knew this would be met with a negative backlash. However, as more info and sneak peeks at the gameplay were released, those same hating fans began to turn around. Now they maybe considering the new Dante. And rightfully so. The gameplay is crazy! Fast and frenzied–that’s what made the DMC series so awesome and gave Dante a spot in a fighting game. Ninja Theory is staying true to the combat mechanics thanks to Capcom’s involvement. Let me tell you, with the way things are–which have been good thus far–I have strong feelings for this reboot of a much beloved franchise.

Here a 360 demo.

This level is really cool!

The offical E3 trailer!

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