Dj CUTMAN’s New Site and Mix

Dj CUTMAN’s has returned from Magfest XI, and based on the sound of his live set from his performance there, he was very much victorious! – His new site is top-notch! With incredible art by Kipp Jarden and Scattle. See if you can find the secret beat he’s hidden in the lab. The Beat Tank is still accessible as well, for those who found it. I clicked around, but personally I’m still clueless! – check out track # 20 on this page of his soundcloud to hear the mix he performed at Magfest XI. If you attended and heard this you were probably lost in trace. Lucky you!!!

In other news, our hero is taking a hiatus from Dj CUTMAN.
I will be using these first months of 2013 to develop my game music record label GameChops. As many of you know, we license video game remixes, and we’re the first electronic label to do it.

Check out this mind-blowingly awesome collaboration between Cutman and OCRemix Artist Blind to get a taste of what GameChops is all about. It’s titled “NESteryears

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OMG.. THIS “Dirty Coins” TRACK.