Discotek to license new Cutey Honey, Yowamushi Pedal film compilations!!

Ready for more Cutey Honey?

Discotek announced on Wednesday that they are licensing the New Cutey Honey OVA series as well as both Yowamushi Pedal anime films. The company plan to release these titles on Blu-Ray on July 30. Cutey Honey will be available in English dub and Japanese original with English subtitles. Yowamushi Pedal will only be available with English subtitles. Discotek has also licensed Lupin the Third: Blood Seal of the Eternal Mermaid which will also be released July 30.

Cutey Honey follows the exploits of high schooler Honey Kisaragi as she fights against the Panther Claw organization who murdered her father. She is a one woman S.W.A.T. team whose android chassis is capable of changing at will into a dazzling array of hard-hitting, curvaceous bodies each with its own set of special skills, weapons and other impressive physical attributes. Go Nagai’s legendary android super-hero is back and hitting the bad guys where it hurts most!

Yowamushi Pedal is about fourth grade Sakamichi Onoda who started biking to Akihabara every week, it was an effort to save money. Driven by a need to improve his own skills, Junior pro cyclist Shunsuke challenges Sakamichi to a race, and while the outcome might seem obvious, there’s some surprises in store for both of them before they reach the finish line! The second season picks up right where season one left off with the Inter-High is in full swing, and Day 2 is still undecided. There’s only a few kilometers left until the end, but this grueling race isn’t just about who will cross the finish line first–it’s about who will get there at all!

Source: Discotek Facebook page