Devil May Cry 3 shows off Co-op Bloody Palace in Switch port!

Hello gamers! I, DevilDriver1313, have more gaming news for you on this fine day and this one in near and dear to my heart (and tag handle). Capcom is porting one of my favorite video game series over to the Nintendo Switch with a host of new features that I wish were previous ports of the game. They show off the co-op mode in Bloody Palace for Devil May Cry 3. Those of us who have played the game before – be it the 2005 original or the Devil May Cry Collections released on PS3 and PS4 – know how crazy difficult it can get beyond the halfway mark and wished that we could bring along a friend. It took 15 years but Capcom finally gave DMC3 a two player feature. Now you and a friend can take control of Dante and Vergil and fight through the Bloody Palace’s hellish floors to reach the top.

Watch as YouTubers DevilNeverCry and Millz dive in below, along with some assistance from developers Hideaki Itsuno and Matt Walker, who were on hand to answer questions and go into further details. 

Get ready to rock Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition on February 20 on the Nintendo Switch, baby!