Defenders Episode 6: Way of the Gods Chapter 2!!


Back on Earth, Guardian has reached London and is currently flying over the city towards the airport. He is looking down at the various shops and restaurants as he heads toward his destination. “Man, there sure are a lot of places to choose from to get something to eat.” he said, “Hmm, maybe if I take a break I could probably be able to decide where I want to go.” He lands on a nearby roof and looks down at the street below him lined with stores and eateries. “Man, so many to choose from.” He said as he looked at each eatery while trying to decide where to go.
Meanwhile, in another part of London, a woman wearing a blue uniform was walking along a street when a small group of four men started to approach her from the other side of the street. She spots the men coming toward her and begins to quicken her pace. The men begin to walk after her faster as well; however, the woman sees this and begins to walk faster out of fear for her safety. Soon the men start to trot after her and the woman, now frightened, runs away from the men and heads down the nearest street only to find out that it’s a dead end. She makes a quick attempt to exit the dead end street but she is stopped by the men who have followed her. The men close in slowly on her snickering and sneering slyly at her. “Pl…please, don’t hurt me.” begged the woman.
“Aw, c’mon baby, we’re not gonna hurt you.” said the tall thin man outfitted in black jeans and a vest.
“Yea, we just want a smooch, love.” said the short man dressed in brown pants, a blue jacket and black beret.
“Please stay away, I’ll scream; I swear it.” the woman warned them.
“Scream all you like, love, no one’s gonna hear you.” The tall muscular man wearing dark brown cargo pants, black T-shirt and boots said with a grin. The men, including the fourth man dressed in a black leather outfit, approach the woman slowly as she screams for help.
Back at the avenue lined with shops, Guardian continues to decide where to get something to eat when his acute hearing picks up the woman’s screams for help, “Someone help me, please!”
“Huh, someone’s in trouble.” he said. Then he starts looking around in order to find out which direction the screams were coming from. After a couple moments, he hears her scream again.
“Help!!” the woman screamed.
“There! That’s where her screams are coming from!” Guardian said after realizing that the woman’s screams were coming from his right, “Looks like lunch will have to wait.” Then he takes to the air and heads in the direction of the woman’s cries for help.
At the alley, the men have to woman cornered as she looks at them with fear and dread in her eyes. The tall thin man leans over toward the woman and runs his hand through her hair, causing her to cringe. He sniffs her hair and says with a grin, “Mmm, you smell good, love. What kind of shampoo do you use?”
“Please, let me go.” the woman said whimpering softly.
“Aw, c’mon deary, I didn’t even get my kiss yet.” Then the tall thin man grabs the woman by her arms and draws her close to him and says, “C’mon love, give us a smooch.” He puckers his lips and the woman turns away and begins to whimper softly as the rest of the men look on with sly grins on their faces.
“Now I know your mothers taught you how to treat a lady.” said Guardian’s voice loudly.
The men turn toward the street’s entrance to see that Guardian was standing at the corner leaning against the streetlight. “Hey, who’s this guy?” said the man in the beret.
“I don’t know but check out the outfit he’s wearin’.” said the muscular man.
“He looks like a cowboy.” the man in the beret said with a laugh.
“Look I’m feeling generous so I’m gonna give you gents two choices.” Guardian said as he stepped away from the streetlight and approached the men.
“Two choices; who does this wanker think he is?” the man wearing the beret said.
“Relax, Cedric, there’s four of us and only one of him. Besides we shouldn’t be rude to our American guest so let’s let him talk.” said the tall thin man, “Ok Mr. Trench-coat Man, what’re our choices?”
“The first choice is rather easy; let the girl go and I don’t have to get my hands dirty.” said Guardian.
The men all laugh arrogantly at Guardian who stood firm with a cunning smile on his face. “We’ll pass on that one, so why don’t you go ahead and tell us what the second choice is.” the tall thin man said with a sly smile.
“Well the second choice is just the opposite of the first except the girl still goes free.” said Guardian, “So what’s it gonna be fellas? First choice or the second choice?”
“I have a choice for you, mate. You can either leave from here or Nigel here, shows you the way out.” said the tall thin man.
“Sorry, can’t do that. You see, I have this nasty habit of helping people in trouble, especially if it’s a group of guys ganging up on a woman. Looks like I’ll have to decline your first choice as well since you declined from mine.” Guardian said.
“Have it your way; Nigel, show this Yank how we deal with newsy-bodies here in London, would ya mate?”
“No problem, Reginald.” said the muscular man now known as Nigel.
Nigel walks over to Guardian and stares down at him. Nigel is taller than Guardian, almost as tall a Boa; but Guardian looks up at the big muscle bound English man with confidence. “You know, you’re almost as big as a guy I fought before back home.” He said.
“Oh really.” said Nigel.
“Yep, he was just like you; big, strong, and dumb.” said Guardian with a smile.
Nigel’s face showed anger as he said, “You better watch your tongue, mate. I don’t know who you think you are but no one insults me like that.”
“So you really don’t know who I am, do you?”
“Yea, I know who you are; you’re about to be an ugly stain on the bottom of my boot.”
“Sounds like fun. Why don’t you give it a try, Nigey.” Guardian said with a smirk.
“Grr, why you little…” Nigel said angrily.
Then he lunges at Guardian and throws a punch. Guardian hops backward to avoid Nigel’s fist and parries to his right to avoid another hard punch from the big Englishman. Nigel attempts to throw another straight punch at Guardian but his attack is stopped when Guardian grabs his fist. Reginald and the other two men watch in disbelief as this stranger in their country is able to stand up against their muscular friend. “So you really have no clue who I am, do you Johnny English?” Guardian said with a sly smirk, “Well allow me to introduce myself.” Guardian stares intensely into Nigel’s eyes for a moment and then he punches him hard in his gut. Nigel stumbles over in pain from the intensity of Guardian’s punch and collapses to the ground.
Reginald and the other two men, Mitch and Cedric, watch in astonishment as their burly friend in knocked unconscious by a man who is half his size. “Blimey, he beat Nigel.” said Cedric, the man wearing the beret.
Guardian looks over at Reginald, Cedric, and Mitch, “The first choice is still open, fellas. You still have a chance to accept it or you can have a kissing contest with the pavement like your friend here.”
“Who are you, man?” Reginald said nervously, “Just who are you?”
The men stare at Guardian wide-eyed with surprised expressions on their faces as he stares back at them with a steely gaze. “Uh, Reginald.” said Mitch.
“Y…yeah Mitch…” Reginald said.
“I think I know who this guy is.”
“You do, mate?”
“Yeah, remember a couple of days ago when we were watching the television and, uh, we saw that news report about some hero guy in America; that Guardian fella. Uh, I think this is him.” Mitch explained with a nervous tongue.
“Are you sure, Mitch?” asked Cedric, “I mean that he wouldn’t be here, would he? He’d be in America, right?”
“Uh, yeah he would.” said Mitch, “Why don’t you ask him, Reggie?”
“What?! Why me? You saw what he did to Nigel. He took him out in one punch; just imagine what he’ll do to me?” Reginald said surprised.
“Guys!” Guardian said aloud getting their attention. They all look towards him as he spoke, “Look I don’t have all day. I do have more important places to be than to stand here and babysit you three. Like I said, the first choice is still open so make a decision.”
“Yea, yea we’ll make a decision. Just tell us one thing; are you that Guardian fella from America?” Reginald asked hesitantly.
“So you did figure out who I am. It took you long enough.” Guardian said with a sly smile as he crossed his arms.
“Aw man, he really is that Guardian fella!” Cedric said surprised.
Reginald chuckles nervously and says, “Hey Gov, we’re sorry about this whole thing, heh, heh. I…I…if we had known who you were we wouldn’t have…uh, forgive and forget, right? Heh…heh…”
“I’ll think about it.” Guardian said, “So I take it you guys decided to take the first choice.”
“Yeah, yeah, we did. R-right fellas?” Reginald said with a nervous grin. Cedric and Mitch nod in agreement while grinning nervously.
“Ok, you guys are free to go. But before you leave, apologize to the lady first.”
“S-sorry, Miss.” said Reginald.
“Now take your friend and go.” Guardian said with a firm tone.
The men walk away from the woman and cautiously walk by Guardian as they head over to Nigel who was starting to regain consciousness. “C’mon Nigel. Let’s go, mate.” Reginald said as he, Mitch and Cedric help Nigel up.
“Wait until I get my hands on that little punk.” Nigel said as he slowly stood up. Once he is on his feet, Nigel looks over at Guardian. “You brat, no one hits me like that and gets away with it.”
“Uh, Nigel…” Cedric interrupted.
“I dare you to come at me again, you little runt.” Nigel said angrily as his friends tried to warn him of who he’s talking to. “C’mon, punk, I’ll give you the worst lickin’ of your life…”
“Nigel…” Reginald said.
“What?!” Nigel hollered as he turned towards Reginald.
Reginald brings Nigel’s head down and whispers in his ear. As Reginald whispers to him, Nigel’s anger slowly melts away and is replaced with surprise and disbelief. He looks over at Guardian with a curious eye and says in a softer tone, “Uh, you’re Guardian?”
“Yep, so are still willing to give the licking you promised?” said Guardian smiling slyly.
“Uh, I think I hear my mum calling.” Nigel said nervously as he slowly shuffled his way out of the alley.
“Yeah, I think I hear his mum calling, too.” Reginald said as he followed Nigel.
“Yeah, me too.” said Cedric as he exited the alley as well.
Mitch stood still for a moment staring at Guardian before finally deciding to leave the alley. “Uh guys.” He said nervously as he looked around for his friends, “Wait up for me.” Then Mitch leaves the alley and runs down the street after his friends.
“Well that was easy.” said Guardian as he crossed his arms. Then he looks over at the woman and asks, “Hey, you ok?”
The woman hesitates for a moment before answering. “Yes, I’m fine.” She finally said, “Are you really the Guardian from America?”
“Yep, that’s me.” Guardian said with a smile.
“Thank you for saving me.”
“No problem; glad I could help.” said Guardian, “Now that I’ve helped you; I was wondering if you could help me?”
“Of course but what can I do to help?” the woman asked.
“Well you can tell me how to get to Norway.”
“Norway? What makes you think I know how to get to Norway?” the woman said with a slight chuckle.
“Oh I don’t know but I think it might have something to do with that flight attendant uniform you’re wearing.” Guardian said smiling.
The woman looks down at her uniform and starts to laugh. “Oh god, I forgot I had this thing on but unfortunately I don’t have a clue on how to get to Norway. Maybe one of the pilots at the airport might know.”
“Oh, okay. Well thanks miss…”
“Nicole, thanks for your help.” said Guardian. He turned around and was about to leave when he asked, “Would you like a lift?”
“Oh I don’t know if I should. I don’t want to be a bother.” said Nicole.
“No, it’s no trouble at all; besides, it’s the least I can do.”
“Well alright but how do you intend to get to the airport?” Nicole asked.
“I’ll show you.” said Guardian. Then he walks over to Nicole and gently picks her up in his arms. He slowly begins to rise into the air. “It is true. You really can fly.” Nicole said softly in amazement.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet. Now hold on tight.” Guardian said. Nicole puts her arms around his neck and Guardian flies off speedily, heading east toward London Airport.

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