Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 3 Pt.2!!


They clash together and begin attacking and defending against each other with blinding speed. Each strike they throw at each other is defended quickly and countered even faster. They begin disappearing and reappearing repeatedly as they move across the landscape while they continue to fight at incredible speeds; then the fight takes to the air with Guardian and Incubus punching, kicking and guarding against one another. They fight intensely close to each other for a few more moments and then they separate; after which, Incubus creates a ball of fire and hurls it at Guardian. Guardian quickly deflects Incubus’s fireball and hurls two Lightning Spheres. Incubus dodges from side to side twice avoiding each sphere and then he quickly raises his hands above his head and creates another fireball. “Inferno Blaze!” he shouted as he brought his hands down in front of him and fires a column of flame at Guardian, but he quickly flies under the attack narrowly avoiding it. Then Incubus begins launching a series of Inferno Blaze attacks at Guardian. Using his incredible agility, Guardian dodges each of Incubus’s fiery attacks. Spotting trees below, he quickly flies down for cover. After entering the forest, he flies around for a bit until Incubus stops attacking. He lands on a branch of a tree and holds still so as not to give away his position.
Guardian waits for a possible attack from Incubus as he thinks about his next move against him. High above the forest, Incubus peers down below for any sign of Guardian as he also waits for him to strike. “He’s down there somewhere, probably waiting for the opportunity to catch me off guard. Well that ain’t gonna work. I’ll snuff him out before he even has a chance,” Incubus thought. Then he says aloud, “You can’t hide down there forever. Eventually you’ll have to come out and meet your fate. And just to show you that I’m a fair guy, I’ll give you the chance to come out before I incinerate that whole forest.” He waits for a response from Guardian who is still hiding somewhere down below; unfortunately, Incubus’s patience runs out. “Fine, have it your way! If you’re not gonna come out of there then I’ll make you come out!” he said with anger. Then he aims one out-stretched hand downward and fires a fireball down into the forest. The fireball strikes the ground and erupts in a large dome of flame.
“Aw man, I better think of something before he burns down this whole forest,” Guardian said to himself. Incubus launches three more fireballs at different parts of the forest in the hopes that one of them will hit Guardian. As Incubus launches two more fireballs, an idea enters Guardian’s head. “Either he’s a really bad shot or…he can’t find me. That’s gotta be it; he must not be able to sense the aura of other people like I can. That gives me an advantage, and an idea,” Guardian said with a sly smile. He holds out his hands in front of him and creates two Lightning Spheres. He has each sphere slowly float to either side of him a short distance before having them stop. “Ok, that’s good,” Then, he looks up through the leaves at Incubus and says, “Hmm, he’s nearly as fast as I am so I’m gonna have to buy some time. Maybe if I make a third Lightning Sphere, that may give me the time I need, and I just got a really cool idea on how I’m gonna use it.” While mentally keeping the other two Lightning Spheres in place, Guardian creates a third one and positions that Lightning Sphere behind him. “Ok, here goes nothing. Let’s see you catch this one, Incubus,” Guardian said, “Torpedo one away!” Swinging one arm up, he sends the Lightning Sphere at his right soaring upward.
Incubus is looking down at the forest when he notices a bright ball of light approaching. “There you are,” he said as the ball, which he thinks is Guardian, quickly comes toward him. However, it is at the last second that he realizes that it isn’t Guardian coming at him but a decoy. “What the…?! That’s not him!” Incubus said surprised when he realizes that it is Guardian’s Lightning Sphere, and not Guardian. He quickly dodges to the side narrowly avoiding the decoy by only a few inches. “Criky, that was close,” Incubus said.
Down in the forest, Guardian launches his second sphere. “Torpedo two away!” he said as he raised his arm in the air again; then the second Lightning Sphere rockets out of the trees and speeds toward Incubus, who once again mistakes the ball of lightning for Guardian.
“Now I have you!” Incubus said angrily as he quickly held his arm out and created another fireball. He prepares to fire when he realizes he has been tricked again, and he quickly dodges out of the way just before the Lightning Sphere hits him. “Why that little…” Incubus said as he became angered by Guardian’s trickery, “You coward! Come out of there and face me!”
“Don’t worry Incubus, I will but first let’s play a little bit of cat and mouse,” Guardian said to himself. He begins focusing his energy on his last Lightning Sphere, making it glow brighter. The light from the sphere began to shine through the trees which caught Incubus’s attention. “All right, I got his attention; now let’s see if he’ll take the bait,” Guardian said to himself. Then he spoke out loud to Incubus, “Hey Incubus, if you want a piece of me you gotta catch me.” Then Guardian sends the Lightning Sphere whizzing through the forest.
“You won’t get away from me that easily, Guardian,” said an angry Incubus, and then he shrouds himself in fire and flies speedily after Guardian’s decoy. Once inside the forest, Incubus chases after the fake Guardian at fast speeds, weaving around trees and branches, hoping to catch him. The sphere takes a sudden nose dive toward the ground and levels out with Incubus still on its trail. He continues to chase Guardian’s decoy through the forest making a series of sharp turns around trees in the process. Soon afterward, the Lightning Sphere begins to ascend and Incubus follows it up higher into the forest’s canopy until they exit the forest. The Lightning Sphere stops in midair and Incubus continues to head towards it. When he reaches the sphere, he couldn’t believe that he has been tricked a third time. “What?” Incubus said, coming to an abrupt stop. “Another decoy?” He stares at the sphere in disbelief having been fooled again. It is then that he hears something approaching him from behind.
Incubus turns around and looks up to see Guardian diving down towards him. Before he could react, Guardian stomps both feet hard into Incubus’ face, launching him toward the ground. As Incubus is falling, Guardian launches his last Lightning Sphere at him. It strikes Incubus, sending him hurling to the ground. Along the way, he smashes through a series of trees including a large tree, splitting it at its base before slamming into the ground with tremendous force. The large tree topples over, snapping off the branches of other trees, as well as taking a few with it, as it comes crashing to the ground. Guardian hovers in the air as he waits for some sign of Incubus. A few moments later, Incubus bursts out from under the pile of timber that lay on top of him and he flies up to Guardian and stops a few feet in front of him. He glares at the trench-coated Defender, the accused murderer of his family, with hatred in his eyes. Incubus refuses to allow him to live. He will not lose to this killer. With a ferocious yell, he shrouds himself in flames. He then charges at Guardian, bellowing his war cry, and thrusts a fist forward. Guardian quickly flips over him and kicks him in the back of his head hard, sending him hurling toward solid ground again. He turns around and fires a stream of Lightning Sphere that pushes Incubus all the way to the ground and slamming with incredible force. Dirt kicks high into the air from the impact.

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