Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 1!!


The story thus far:
In the last episode of Defenders, it appears that Brandon has found happiness in the form of a young waitress named Sarah. It has been three months since their relationship blossomed. During that time, it seems that Brandon has found a way to balance his personal life with being Guardian. On his way to meet Sarah, Brandon decides to check out the festivities on the first day of Maudi Gras. However he failed to notice that he was being stalked by a ninja. The shadowy person gets into a scuffle with a few party goers and then with Philadelphia police. Brandon, sensing the ninja’s strong aura, transforms into Guardian and chases after him. The two meet on a roof top where they exchange words and looks. The ninja, who is named Shadow, leads Guardian on a chase through the city. Shadow eventually loses Guardian, only to run into Detective Williams, who orders him to disarm and surrender. Refusing the detective’s order nearly led into an encounter between them until Guardian intervened. Guardian makes an offer to Shadow to face him alone. Once an agreement was met, the two take off to a disclosed area far enough away from innocent bystanders. Guardian and Shadow fight an intense battle. Shadow displayed some impressive abilities but Guardian was not deterred and ends up defeating the dark ninja. Afterward, another stranger appears before Guardian—a woman dressed in white. Guardian learns that the woman is Edenia, the Spirit of Earth. She tells him of his ancestral past and his destiny to protect Earth from the Dark Realm. Guardian makes a difficult decision. He returns to Philadelphia and tells Sarah that he is Guardian. At first it is hard for her to accept but after a moment of thinking, Sarah embraces the man she has come to love. Guardian leaves but promises to return to Sarah one day and he leaves behind one of his whips. Sarah takes the whip, promising to wait for him. A new chapter in Guardian’s life begins. Question is will he be willing to read on.

Chapter 1
In an alternate dimension there exists a place known as the Dark Realm. It is a place of darkness filled with evil and hatred. It was once a beautiful place called Argetha and the Argethan people lived in peace for a time. Until a malicious being and his army come to the peaceful plane and wreaked havoc across all of Argetha; they brought chaos and destruction to the land, decimating everything in sight and ravaging the land with death and destruction stripping it of its former beauty. The Argethan ruler’s castle was demolished and in its place stands a twisted and malevolent spire known as the Tower of Darkness; a sinister castle brought out by hate that the Dark Realm lord called Jaquio calls home. He has sat on his throne as ruler of all he surveys for nearly 4000 years and in that time he has conquered other worlds and enslaved the people just as he did with the Argethans. He now sets his sights on trying to conquer the Realm of Earth once again and this time he aims to succeed.
Jaquio looks down upon his world from his throne room high inside his castle as his taskmasters work the Argethan people with brutality. Fire pits and ore mines stretch across the land as the Argethan people and slaves from other worlds are forced to do hard labor, creating weapons and armor for Jaquio’s army and materials for their evil master so he can expand his empire. Jaquio watches these events with an evil glare in his eyes. “Soon I shall occupy Earth Realm and its people will do my bidding. This time I shall not let anyone stand in my way,” he said in a deep booming voice. Just then one of Jaquio’s servants enters his throne room. “Sire,” said the gangly looking creature as he knelt down with his fist across his chest. “What news of Shadow’s progress on Earth?” said Jaquio.
“Sire, I’m sorry to report that Shadow has failed.”
“How?” Jaquio asked.
“He was defeated by someone we believe could be a Defender.”
“I have withered down the Defender bloodline over the last three millennia, how is it possible for one to be in existence.”
“We don’t know, my lord.”
“Hmm, a possible Defender, you say. This could be interesting. Send out Deveroux’s recruit.”
“Deveroux’s recruit? But Lord Jaquio, do you think that this Defender is really that strong?” said Jaquio’s servant.
“Do you question my order, Zorick?” Jaquio said sternly as he turned and looked at the gangly Zorick with glowing red eyes.
“No sire, please forgive me. I was foolish to question your order; it won’t happen again,” said Zorick.
“See that it doesn’t; now go.”
“Yes, my lord,” Zorick said. Then he stands up and walks out of the throne room. Once Zorick is gone, Jaquio turns back toward the window and looks down upon his world again. “The Defenders stopped me from taking over their Earth Realm nearly four millennia ago; I will not let them stand in my way again.” As he stares down on the world he has created, Jaquio can’t help but think about how much he’s going to enjoy ruling Earth.
Chapter 2
Down on Earth, the people of the little blue planet go about their daily lives unaware of the growing threat from an alternate dimension; however, only two people know about the Dark Realm and its maniacal ruler so far: the Spirit of Earth, Edenia, and the first of the four Defenders, Guardian. Guardian was making eggs and bacon for breakfast while Edenia kept watch over Earth. He scrambled the eggs in the pot and put them on his plate when they were done; then he took the bacon out of another pan and placed them on his plate as well. After getting some orange juice from the crystal clad refrigerator where he got the eggs, Guardian takes his breakfast and sits down at the table.
“So what’s on today’s agenda?” he said as started to eat.
“Today you’ll begin your training,” said Edenia.
“Ok, so when do we begin?”
“We’ll start whenever you are ready.”
“Sounds good,” Guardian places a forkful of egg in his mouth and swallows it, “Edenia, can you tell me a little bit more about the other three Defenders whose presence you felt before? I’m not gonna try and look for them or anything; this is just in case I’m in that area, that’s all.”
“It was about three years ago when I felt the presence of the first possible Defender but it quickly disappeared before I could trace its source. The second presence I felt was somewhere in Tibet and has stayed active in different parts of the world, in places such as Northern Europe, Alaska, Canada, and the Arctic Pole. I’ve done my best to seek out this presence but it disappears just as I arrive at those locations. Unfortunately the third one was not what I expected as the presence did not belong to a Defender descendant. So with that there are only two possible Defenders.” Edenia looks at the images of various places in the world on the wall for a few more moments and turns around toward Guardian. The images fade away as she approaches the table just as Guardian finishes the last of his eggs and bacon.
“Alright, I’m ready. Let’s get started,” Guardian said as he stood up and put on his hat and sleeveless trench coat.
“I’m sorry, Guardian. I neglected to mention that I’m not the one who will be training you?”
“Oh really; so who am I training with then?”
“You will receive training from a close friend of your ancestor and the only other thunder god on Earth; the son of the Norse god ruler Odin, Thor will be training you.”
“Thor, as in the Norse god of Thunder?” Guardian said surprised.
“Yes, in order to find him, you must travel to Norway, to the northern most part of the country. There, you’ll past over the Forest of Mist and seek out the mountain that rises high into the clouds known as Valkyrie Mountain. This is where Thor lives,” said Edenia.
“Sounds good, Edenia, but there is one question I have to ask you. Exactly how do I get to Norway? I mean I know it’s in Europe but I don’t have a clue where we are,” Guardian asked puzzled.
“This place exists in a part of the world unknown to man. It is in a dark part of the Pacific Ocean; the barrier that I’ve put up to surround my home keeps it hidden from the eyes of an ordinary human. Only those with exceptional powers can see it. The doorway behind you will take you outside and from there you will travel east,” Edenia explained.
“Ok, east, I got it,” Guardian said with a smile, and then he walks toward the door.
“Be careful, Guardian; the Dark Realm will most likely begin sending more warriors to Earth to come after you,” Edenia warned him as he neared the Crystal Chamber’s entrance.
Guardian looks back at her and says, “I will Edenia. See you when I get back.” Then he continues his way out of the door. “Good luck, Guardian,” said Edenia.
Outside of the Crystal Chamber, Guardian has made his way out and he is fascinated that Edenia’s home sits on an island with lush greenery and tropical plants. He admires the beauty of the island for a moment the he slowly ascends into the air. After exiting the barrier around the island, Guardian shrouds himself in lightning and flies speedily east towards Norway to seek out the thunder god Thor and receive his training.
Back in the Dark Realm, Jaquio stands at the window in his throne room and looks down upon his kingdom. Zorick enters the throne room and kneels before Jaquio. “Sire, Deveroux’s recruit is ready for departure to the Earth Realm,” he said.
“Excellent; dispatch him there immediately,” Jaquio ordered.
“Yes, sire,” said Zorick. Then he stands up and leaves the throne room while Jaquio continued to look out of the window.
“It’s merely only a matter of time until Earth Realm is mine,” he said with evil gleam in his eye. Jaquio’s evil laughter filled the air around him as he looks forward to conquering the Earth Realm.

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