Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Chapter 10!!


Chapter 10
Suddenly the dark ninja disappears. Guardian searches around for his dark clad foe. Then something caught the corner of his eye. He quickly throws at punch. “What?!” he said surprised. What he struck was an image of Shadow that slowly fades away. “A…decoy?” Without warning, Guardian is struck hard in his back. After a short stumble forward, he spins around for another attack. But once again, all he hit was a false image.

Then Shadow appears undetected and crushes Guardian’s jaw with a powerful punch. The ninja begins pummeling his opponent with sharp strong attacks. Guardian was virtually defenseless against the assault. He tried his best to retaliate but Shadow’s constant ‘vanish and attack’ pattern made it difficult. Shadow unloaded on him ferociously, throwing punches and kicks with blinding speed while he rapidly faded in and out of sight. He kept Guardian off balance. The trench-coated hero defended himself as best he could. Wherever he blocked one attack, he was felled by another.

After blocking another fast flying fist, Guardian thrusts his arm forward. It passes through another fading image. He whips his head around anticipating an attack. None came. Guardian desperately searched for Shadow who can appear at any given moment. He was beginning to tire. Defending himself against such a speedy opponent was taking its toll. “C’mon, where is he?” There seemed to be no sign of Shadow. He couldn’t even sense his aura. Guardian was getting frustrated. But he can’t allow his anger to cloud his mind. He tries to calm himself down. “Alright Guardian, relax. Just relax. You can’t fight if you lose focus.” His personal pep talk worked. Guardian begins to relax. “Ok. Shadow’s fast. But he’s not untouchable. He seems to leave an image of himself after he has already moved. If I can just guess where he’s gonna be once I see his image then I got him.” Guardian focuses carefully, steadily searching for the first sign of Shadow. The battle ground stood silent. Suddenly he catches a glimpse to his right. This is his cue. Flashing a smirk, Guardian whirls to his left. “Gotcha!” he called out. He buries his fist into Shadow’s mask just as the ninja appeared.
Shadow quickly recovers his footing after stumbling backward and vanishes again. Just like before, Guardian waited for the decoy and went after the real one, this time with a crushing roundhouse kick. He follows up with a hard uppercut, knocking him into the air and quickly disappears. He reappears in the air and kicks Shadow back towards the ground. Guardian teleports back to the ground and bashes the ninja with a crushing lightning powered punch, sending him flying rapidly towards the hill. Shadow slams into the hillside with tremendous force and then he is immediately driven into the hill when Guardian rams him with his shoulder and pushes him through.

The hill rumbles and shakes from the vibrations of Guardian and Shadow as they fight inside the rocky hill. Guardian’s punches echo from inside as he delivers blow after blow to the evil ninja. Suddenly, part of the hill explodes as Shadow is ejected from inside the hill. He slams onto the sandy beach hard, and slides on his back. A couple of moments later, Shadow slowly begins to get up. When he is standing half way up he lifts his head to see Guardian exit the hill. He gazes at Shadow intensely as the ninja struggles to his feet. “Was that it? C’mon. You can’t quit on me now. I was just getting started,” Guardian says with harsh sarcasm. “It’s pointless for you to continue fighting. I’ll just keep beating you like a piñata. So why don’t you just leave.”

“Ridiculous! I will not leave until you have been eliminated!” Shadow said sternly, and then he lunges at Guardian and throws a punch but he is stopped by Guardian who delivers a powerful elbow to his chest. Shadow clenches his chest in pain and staggers backward a couple paces.

“It’s over Shadow. You’ve lost,” said Guardian.

“Ho…how…how is this possible?” Shadow grunted.

“It wasn’t hard. All I had to do was wait. Oh, and that little image trick. You might wanna work on that.” Guardian then smiles slyly at Shadow. “Now go back to your Dark Realm and tell your master that if he wants to take over the Earth, he’s gonna have to go through me.”

Incredibly Shadow isn’t fazed by Guardian’s threat as he begins to laugh evilly. “You poor diluted fool. Do you honestly think that I am the only one that my master is going to send? Listen closely, there are other warriors from the Dark Realm who are stronger than me…and as an added bonus, there are some that are stronger than you,” the ninja explained. Then he starts to float into the air as he continues to tell Guardian about the Dark Realm’s army. “So you see, Defender, even though you may have beaten me there are others who will come to this world and I assure you, they are extremely powerful. So now you know your fate and the fate of your world. But before I go here is a small sample of what’s to come.” Shadow raises his hands above his head and begins to laugh evilly as he starts to glow with a purple aura. “Here Defender, have a taste of your fate! Dark Messenger!” Shadow brings his hands down in front of him and fires a large glowing purple beam at Guardian.

“Moron,” he said with a smirk. Guardian quickly cups his hands, brings them to his side and charges them with lightning creating a large ball of energy. “Thunder Blast!” he shouted as he thrusts his hands forward and releases a beam of lightning at Shadow.

Guardian’s Thunder Blast and Shadow’s Dark Messenger crash into each other for a brief moment but Guardian’s attack proves to be more powerful as it pushes through Shadow’s beam and heads straight for him. “No! NOOO!!” yelled Shadow as he watched in horror as Guardian’s powerful Thunder Blast approaches him rapidly. He screams in agony as the lightning beam strikes him with incredible force and, after a few seconds, it explodes. When the bright light fades, there is no sign of Shadow.

Guardian stares at the spot in the sky where Shadow once was and ponders the questions in his head about the Dark Realm, its ruler, and the fate of the Earth. Just as he pondered these questions, he began to sense another presence around him. He turns around and looks behind him to see a beautiful lady dressed in white with hair to match and blue eyes with pale skin. He looks at her for a few moments to see if she was a possible threat but he is unable to feel any negativity from her. “Who are you?” he asked.

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