Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.8 (Pt.2)!!


Guardian begins dodging Shadow’s barrage of fast swipes and powerful thrusts. His opponent’s attacks were speedier than before now that he’s powered up. Duck. Dodge. Parry. Guardian easily maneuvered his way around the swinging metal staff. Shadow expertly carved the air with his lengthy weapon. He dealt out attacks that rivaled even the speed of a bullet. Amazingly Guardian showed no effort in keeping up with it. He swerved his way around several more attacks before finally going on the offensive. Guardian spun out of the way of another downward slash and cleaved his whip against Shadow’s exposed back. The ninja howled out in pain as the surge of electricity ripped through his spine. Shadow stumbles forward, dropping to one knee afterward. His legs were momentarily numb. He could feel the stabbing tingles course through them.

Using his staff for support, Shadow heaves himself to his feet. He blocks out the pain in his back and the numbness in his legs as he looked back at Guardian. His eyes burned with anger. “How?! How did he manage to strike me?!”
Guardian stood, staring back at Shadow with a confident smile drawn across his face. “You know, you were right Shadow. You are fast. But I’m faster,” he said. Guardian unfurls his other whip. “Now it’s my turn. Keep in mind; nothing is faster than lightning.” He then quickly rushes at Shadow. His whips and trench coat trailing behind him.

Shadow forces himself to take action. He quickly blocks one attack but barely defends against the other. He swings his staff wildly, desperately trying to guard against the electrified leather. The whips were coming at him with blinding speed. Streams of lightning trailed them as they flew at him. Each electrified strike produced a small burst of lightning. The whips snapped the air louder than before like mini thunder claps, followed by a crackle of electricity. “How is this possible?! They’re coming so fast! I…can barely keep up!” That sudden realization ran through Shadow’s mind as he put all effort into avoiding being electrocuted and then some. He tried with all his ability to avoid Guardian’s amazing slashes. But he couldn’t hold out for long. He had to get away. With one final, and nearly unsuccessful, block, Shadow flips into the air and lands away from the slashing strips of leather and metal. Exhausted, he drops to his knees breathing heavily.

The once agile and powerful ninja who has given Guardian so much trouble before is now in trouble himself. He has spent a large amount of his energy staying with and defending against Guardian’s electrical onslaught. Now as he kneels fatigued and trying to catch his breath, Shadow has come to a realization of the mistake he inadvertently made. He underestimated his opponent. Regardless, he refuses to lose. In his mind, as long as he can stand he can fight. Shadow glowered intensely at Guardian. Rage began to boil deep inside him. He separates his staff back into the two pieces it once was. He raised one stick up in front of him, getting into an attack ready position. However when he tried to raise the other one, Shadow was shocked to find out why. “What?! I can’t move my arm!” he said looking at his arm. He saw a gash near his bicep. Small ripples of electricity crawled around the wound for a moment before fading away. Shadow made two more attempts to move his right arm. It barely responded. “What did you do?!” he hollered.

Guardian glared at his enemy. “I knew you would eventually break that staff back down so I numbed several nerves in your arm. I don’t know how long it’ll take for it to wear off. Maybe a minute. Maybe less. But all in all, it’s gonna be kinda hard to fight with one arm. I’d call it a day if I were you,” he told him wearing a sly grin.

“Are you telling me to give up?! No one tells me to give up! No one!!” Shadow was infuriated. If there was anything that he couldn’t stand it was leaving a battle before it is finished. Straining, he willed his arm to move despite it being numbed. Streaks of pain zip up and down his arm as he forced it up. Shadow locked his mind against the pain and struggled to bring his near lifeless limb back. Soon his arm was up, ready for battle. “You see, Guardian. I’m not… beaten yet. As long as I can…still move…I can fight,” he said in between breaths. Shadow quickly builds up some power and charges at Guardian, hollering out a battle cry.

“Heh. I knew he’d lose it,” Guardian said. Several times before he has always used his charisma and sarcasm to keep a cool head and disarm his enemies. This proposed smugness also makes his opponents angry. And when they got angry, they lose focus thus they’ll fight sporadically. Shadow was no different. He tried to resist Guardian’s snappy comebacks and witty one-liners. But in the end, the mad rush he’s leading against Guardian is proof enough.

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