Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 17

A couple moments tick by. Quietness returns to the abandoned town as Bayonetta waited for any sign of life from Dante. Their scuffle is the first sign of life the town has seen in over a decade. During that time it sat silent and forgotten; no one has dared to go near it. The residents nearby claim they can hear the tortured screams of the people who once populated this community. They know of the tragedy but not the details of what occurred here.

“Such a shame,” Bayonetta said, casually flipping one of her long ribbons over her shoulder. “Guess there won’t be a second date.” She turns and starts to walk away. “And he was such an entertaining fellow. Oh well.” Hearing about Dante and his exploits from Enzo intrigued Bayonetta. He is very much like her, the child of different parents. Dante—the son of a demon and a human woman, and she—the daughter of an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage, are outcast and shunned by many, but accepted and appreciated by few. Bayonetta learned from Rodin that Enzo used to be Dante’s informant. Rodin didn’t know the details of their arrangement or separation. She then asked Enzo, after he was sober, about Dante. Reluctant at first, Enzo was quickly swooned into spilling all he knows about the Son of Sparda. Aiming a gun at one’s crotch will do that. Bayonetta listened to the stout man’s annoying voice as he went on. She was only focused on Dante’s character, not irrelevant material such as their squabbles or their strange and, often times, complicated agreement which Enzo had no problem talking about when he got caught up in the moment.

Enzo’s story peaked Bayonetta’s interest. She pried the password from Enzo and used it when she contacted Dante despite the informant’s warnings. Having some fun with a half-demon rumored to be powerful tickled the witch’s fancy, making meeting him all the more interesting. Fighting low-level angels for so long, she was in search of greater excitement and hoped that Dante would be something high-class. Needless to say, Bayonetta feels a bit deflated by the quick result of their in town scuffle. She sighs and says, “Well, at least it was somewhat interesting.”

“Then let’s make it even more interesting.”

Bayonetta was not even half the distance before she stopped and turned behind her. Very rarely is she caught by surprise. Another piece of information she has been told by Enzo came to her mind. After destroying the King of the Underworld, Dante has been rumored to be practically “unkillable.” He stood where he was supposedly defeated with Rebellion still through his body. The bullet wound between his eyes has already healed; no remnant of it remained. Not even a scar. Looking down at the sword in his chest, Dante sighs and shakes his head. “This is getting old,” he says disappointed, not because of being impaled by his own sword, but because another coat got ruined. Red trench coats are hard to come by and it looks like he’ll be adding another name to his laundry list of I-owe-you. Placing his hands on both sides of Rebellion’s massive blade, he begins sliding it out.

“Guess what is said about you is true; you’re a hard man to kill,” said Bayonetta.

“You don’t say.” Dante guides the last of Rebellion from his body and takes hold of the hilt, holding the sword limply. The wound in his chest heals instantly. The same can’t be said for his coat however. “Strange, seems like every woman I meet is always trying to kill me one way or another,” he says as he ran his fingers through his silver hair.

“No stranger to a broken heart I see,” said Bayonetta with a cynical smirk.

“Let’s just say you’re not the first woman to stab me through it. Or shoot me in the head,” Dante said back.

“I don’t understand why any woman wouldn’t want you. You’ve been entertaining; I haven’t been disappointed not once since we met.” Bayonetta was being coy towards Dante, throwing him her most sultry look as she scanned him up and down.

“I don’t understand either. Dashing good looks; my boyish charm. Ladies oughta be falling for me,” Dante said with a cool grin, taking all of Bayonetta’s sleek curves. “Who knows? Maybe it’ll work out this third time.”

“You know, one of the keys to a healthy relationship is…communication.” Bayonetta struck a sexy pose with her guns aimed.

“I agree. So if we’re gonna make this work,” Dante tosses Rebellion high and draws Ebony and Ivory, giving them a flashy twirl and then aiming with his arms crossed. “Then we have to be open with each other.” Rebellion falls into place on Dante’s back.

“Oooh, so forward. I like it,” Bayonetta cooed.

Dante flashes a cool grin that soon drops when something begins irritating his nose. He sniffs a couple times to no relief. Then, while still holding Ivory, he lays one finger against his right nostril and blows hard. The bullet Bayonetta fired into his head clinks onto the ground covered in blood and snot. “Is that what that was? I thought my sinuses were acting up again,” Dante said light-heartedly. Bayonetta just smiles and chuckles lightly. “Sorry about that,” said the Son of Sparda. “Where were we?”

Bayonetta smiles coyly. “Right about…here,” she says with a sultry tone.

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