Cure Evil!! Supernatural S8 Ep22 Recap!!


A couple is at a cabin in the woods when one of them hears a noise. Whatever it is, the sound is so intense that the man’s head explodes. At the storehouse, Sam is still experiencing the effects of completing the first two trials. Castiel apologizes to Dean for all that he has done. Dean is not so forgiving, feeling betrayed. Finding something, Sam and Dean search the basement of the storehouse and find a secret chamber along with an old film. The film showed an exorcism but nothing like any exorcism they have ever seen. The brothers track down the young priest to St Louis. He tells them the horror of that night. Sam heads to the restroom when he coughs up blood. Dean tells the priest about Sam and the trials. Castiel meets the Metatron/Merv who tells him that there is a way to close off Heaven. Just with Sam, Castiel must perform three trials to slam the Pearly Gates close for good. His first test is to kill a nephilim. The nephilim turns out to be the waitress at the restaurant they are eating at. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean finally find evidence that Father Thompson did indeed cure a demon. Rather than summon one, Dean decides to use one that has already been tagged—Abadon.

They “Frankenstein” Abadon back together. She knows everything about Father Thompson and his experiments. They get a call from Crowley who send them a message about a person they helped years ago along with an address. When they go back inside, Abadon has escaped and removed the bullet with the Devil Trap. Sam and Dean check out the address where they discover the body of another person they’ve helped. Crowley calls them again with an address in Prosperity, Indiana. There, they meet Sarah whom Sam helped deal with a vengeful spirit years ago. He tells her about Crowley and his plan to kill her. Crowley calls the brothers just after they lay down Devil Traps to keep the demons a bay; however, Sarah is suddenly afflicted regardless. Sam discovers that it is a spell when Crowley reveals that he is the son of a witch. They search frantically for the hex bag while the King of Hell taunts them. Alas, they are too late and Sarah dies. After witnessing how far Crowley intends to go, Sam is ready to call it quits but Dean refuses to give in.

There are several blasts from the past in this episode. The people that were killed by Crowley were people Sam and Dean helped way back in Season 2. Growing increasingly frustrated after losing Kevin Tran, Crowley decides to get back to basics and torment Sam and Dean. He targets the people who have crossed paths with the Winchesters in order to get the Demon Tablet and stop the trials since Sam has already completed two of them. Crowley is playing it smart. He is not sending any of his crew after these people seeing as how the first trial involved the death of a Hellhound and the second involved rescuing an innocent soul from Hell. But I got a feeling Crowley is getting desperate. Sam is one trial away from slamming the door in his face for good. Usually, Crowley is cool and collective even when he is behind but this time the stakes are too high for him. He had to do something if he wants to continue to run free on Earth. And he manages to come up with a solid plan. For the record, this is not the first time the Winchesters had to visit their past. Last season, a pair of Leviathans posed as the brothers and went on a killing spree, visiting places Sam and Dean have solved supernatural occurrences in.

I have made several predictions for this show which kind of comes easy since I have been watching since the first episode. I mentioned a while ago about the possibility of closing off Heaven when the Angel Tablet was found. I should write for this show…because that is exactly what’s about to happen. The Metatron, or Marv as he likes to be called, finds Castiel and talks with him about closing the Pearly Gates of Heaven for good. Apparently, the angelic plane is in turmoil since the Archangels are all dead save for Michael who is trapped in the Cage with Lucifer. (Why do I see him getting out somehow?) Castiel’s first task is to cut out the heart of a nephilim. If you don’t know, a nephilim is the offspring of a human and an angel. The writers for Supernatural have really done their homework to be able to delve into Hebrew folklore for this being. That’s why I love this show.

Abadon makes a return appearance (I knew she wasn’t done). Sam and Dean piece her back together with the intention of purifying her. If you recall, she was taken down with the help of their grandfather Henry Winchester. Then she was dissected and buried for what was supposed to be forever. She knows of Crowley and was shocked to learn that he now rules Hell. Now that she has escaped from Sam and Dean’s capture, she might go find Crowley and have a little chit-chat.

Dean is not ready to forgive Castiel for ditching him with the Angel Tablet yet. He has been upset with his angel friend before but something usually happens that will make him let bygones be bygones. Closing off both Heaven and Hell just may patch things up between them…maybe.

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