Cult Classic ‘Moon: Remix RPG’ is coming to the Switch!!

Who says Zelda can be the only RPG on Switch?

The cult classic Moon, a game referred to a the ‘anti-RPG’ by PS1 gamers, will finally be available in English for the first time. Indie studio Onion Games announced they will be working on re-releasing the title for the Nintendo Switch. As of now, there is no release date set for the English version of the game. However, Onion Games will have the title ready for release in Japan on October 10.

Moon is not your typical RPG game where you go on a quest to save a princess and stop evil. Sure, all that does happen but not in the same as Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy. Moon flips the RPG world on its head with main protagonist, named Boy (cue Kratos), breaking into homes and stealing items. And Boy does not fight monsters, he collects ‘Love’ from them. The player increases Boy’s Love Level by discovering the secret wishes of Real Moon’s people. Boy must then grant the idiosyncratic wishes of each person. Sometimes Love comes from readily apparent events, but there are secret and time-limited events Boy must fulfill. “Love” grows by levels. The player preserves progress by going to bed and entering a dream state. By leveling up Boy, the time he can exist in the world (his “action limit”) increases. When Boy’s “action limit” falls to 0, it’s game over.

Oh it gets even more interesting. The souls , or ‘Love’, that Boy collects are from the corpses of animals left behind by Hero. This is definitely not your typical RPG title.

Moon: Remix RPG was originally released in 1997 developed by Love-de-Lic and published by ASCII Entertainment. After 22 years and several attempts to adapt the game into English, Moon is finally within reach and could be available in hands by year’s end.