Crunchyroll + Hot Topic = Awesomely cool stuff!!

It’s that time of the year for anime fans! Crunchyroll and Hot Topic are teaming up for their third annual “Ani-May” event! This union offer exclusive deals on hard to fins merch from popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Super, One Piece and Sailor Moon Crystal. This year is special, however. This year marks the debut of the Crunchyroll! Funko Box! What is in this box, you ask? Why, merchandise from several anime series streaming on Crunchyroll including a Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid keychain, Mob Psycho 101 pencil and bag set, Ancient Magnus’ Bride POP figure, and a pair of Bananya banana-scented air fresheners. Heck, you can even get a chase variant Funko! Pop featuring a black and white Elias Ainsworth. This box can be yours for $30.

This event runs for the entire month of May. Fans can also get a free 30-day subscription to Crunchyroll with a $25 purchase on anime products.

Check out Ani-May event on Hot Topic’s official website!