Crime Alert!! Cheesy Cartoons looks at Teen Titans Go!!

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In 2003, we were introduced to a team of young superheroes who would became one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. It was well received by fans and praised by critics for it stylish animation and characters development. But all of that to an end when it cancelled and, in 2013, a new series about these young heroes rose from the ashes that would put them back on top. Sort of. Seriousness was replaced with silliness. Intriguing character development has given way to idiocy. And the stylish animation has gone to the dogs. Yup, if you haven’t guessed by now, this is a Cheesy Cartoons look at Teen Titans Go!


Teen Titans Go! started out as shorts of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation back when Young Justice, Green Lantern and Batman: Brave and the Bold were in their prime before Cartoon Network viciously cut them down. Debuting as a fully realized series, Teen Titans Go gave a look into the lives of Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beastboy when they are not fighting crime and what a group of super-powered teenagers do without adult supervision. Their character designs were revamped into chibi form to match the series comedic origins.


CHEESE FACTOR!! Yes, this is a comedic look into the Titans’ lives but there are times when the comedy just too idiotic and overly ridiculous. And this ridiculousness led to some humor being downright annoying. Case in point, the “Waffle” episode. One of the more annoying episodes in which Cyborg and Beastboy constantly repeating waffles instead of using actual speak. What started out as a gag didn’t take long to become irritating by episode’s end. Creative as it is, you just felt like Brother Blood who found the joke too stupid. Another example is the episode “Truth, Justice and What?” where Robin puts a ban on pizza which makes the other Titans act overly silly. The episode crosses franchises when the Titans have to compete with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (referred to differently here) who have taken all the world’s pizza. The Teen Titans eat pizza and use their silly, random and mindless humor to overpower the Turtles. Honestly, I get that this is supposed to be a comedic take on known comic book characters but there are times where the humor is forced and it has been redundant as well as being lowbrow.

WHY WE WATCHED!! Funny thing is, that same hackneyed hilarity is also what makes Teen Titans Go! enjoyable to watch. You kinda look for what wacky situation Robin and his team are going to get into next. And the show does a surprisingly decent job of emphasizing the Titans personality traits. Robin is the egotistical, overly energetic leader, Starfire the naïve, kind-hearted alien girl, Cyborg is laid back, Beastboy is dumber than a brick and Raven is basically the ‘Eeyore’ for the series. Shockingly, Teen Titans Go! is actually a pretty decent series and, silly as they are, the various songs in the series are quite catchy.


Teen Titans Go! is currently in its fourth season which premiered on October 20, 2016. The series itself debuted April 23, 2013. It has met mixed reviews from critics who praise the new, comedy take on the characters while others deemed the show as an “upsetting” replacement for the cancelled television series Young Justice. Despite mixed positive reviews from critics, fans are less than appreciative of the show, generating largely negative reactions. Still, this didn’t stop Teen Titans Go! from becoming one of Cartoon Network’s leading programs despite the fluctuating fanbase that is for or against the show. According to Hope King, a tech reporter for CNNMoney, Teen Titans Go! was one out of three of the most viewed television shows and other media to contribute to a record setting 1.3 million simultaneous Xfinity On-Demand viewings during the January 2016 United States blizzard known as Winter Storm Jonas. Guess outrageous silliness can truly outride a storm.

Teen Titans Go! gets a CHEESY rating of:

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Also, Night Begins to Shine by B.E.R. hit #4 on iTunes US Rock Charts. Plus, it’s a darn good song.