Cosplay Spotlight: Nikita


Well hey there Nikita, this is your COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!!

Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay because I love Animes, Mangas, Movies, Comics and I like to become one of my favourite characters.

I cosplay because I love crafting, making things with my hands.

I cosplay because I love being on stage and to bring the audience into my imaginary world.

I cosplay to have fun with my friends who love exactly the same things ^^.

What was your first cosplay?

My very first cosplay was Yuna (singer) from Final Fantasy X-2 and it was made of pieces of clothes from my wardrobe. My first totally handmade costume was Tomoyo from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, it was in 2007.

Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

I make all my costumes myself. The easiest I’ve made took me about 5 hours; the most sophisticated took me one year (not everyday of course). I have a full-time job so I make my cosplay after work and the week-ends; the average costume takes me one month.

What is your favorite character to play?

I love the Disney Princesses; this was a child dream to be one of them. Sometimes I’m hired to be a Disney princess at a girl’s birthday; it is so sweet to see the stars in the kid’s eyes when they see their favourite princess.

I love to play Asuka from Evangelion, because she is very different from me, and that’s a big challenge.

Amongst animation, comics, movies, or video games, what is your biggest inspiration for cosplay?

All of them inspire me. At this moment, I’m more into western cosplay than in asian, but my mood can change if I fall in love with a costume or a character.

Have you ever made any mistakes that you’d warn a first timer about?

The biggest mistake I’ve made is to be in a hurry to finish a costume. Be patient. Being in a hurry make you make mistakes and you’ll regret it once the costume is finished. Good things take time.

Are there certain characters that are easier to play than others?

Heroes and kind characters are easier to play than villains. Calm characters are easier than very active or funny ones. Generally, it’s easier to play a character that has the same personality as you, but it can be a funny challenge to act very differently.

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