Cosplay Spotlight: LadyShu

It’s LadyShu in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!!

Why do you cosplay?

I was always a creative person and Cosplay is to me the best way to express my creativity. Cosplay gave me much self-confidence and I got to know some very nice people who now are my best friends. Meeting others with the same interests is a very important aspect of Cosplay. And it’s so much fun to look and be like my favourite characters.

What was your first cosplay?

That was Lilymon from Digimon in 2005, I think. I hope I can remake it someday. 😉

Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

I make all of my costumes myself. It’s not easy to tell how long it takes, cause they are so different. My newest Cosplay (Serah Style and Steel from Final Fantasy 13-2) took very long because of the weapon, I guess about 100 hours, maybe even more, while Erza took just about 15 hours.

What is your favorite character to play?

I felt very comfortable as Serah, I feel like I can just be myself in this costume.

Amongst animation, comics, movies, or video games, what is your biggest inspiration for cosplay?

Definitely video games. I got so many Ragnarok Online costumes and I’d love to do a lot of Final Fantasy characters, and for the next years I planned something from League of Legends and Aion. But I also got some Manga and Comic inspired costumes.

Have you ever made any mistakes that you’d warn a first timer about?

Oh, yes… For my first costumes I used my original hair which of course hasn’t the right color and since I’m almost blind I wore my glasses. Always use a wig and contacts if you got glasses (or just don’t forget to put your glasses away when a photo is taken). I looked so stupid.

Are there certain characters that are easier to play than others?

To me it’s easier when I know and like the character. When I did a Cosplay with a large group I had to cosplay a character who I didn’t really know and couldn’t really identify with. That wasn’t one of my best cosplay experiences and since then I always try to do characters I can identify with.

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