Cosplay Spotlight: AllieCat Cosplay

Hi AllieCat Cosplay, check out your COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!!

Why do you cosplay?

The reason i cosplay is because of two things; the artistic aspect of the entire process and the friendships i have made. There is a certain sense of accomplishment when you make something and become someone completely different. You’ll walk differently, you’ll talk differently and even act differently its really extraordinary. Then to know other people also enjoy this hobby and they may also enjoy the same characters in this fandom create a bond that i’ve never experienced before in my life. Its fantastic.

What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay ever was Chun-Li from Street Fighter. I wore her to my second con ever and she was very well recieved by my fellow con-goers. The fact that people would call me “Chun-Li” and not even try to get my real name tickled me pink.

Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

Now that i’ve had some experience in this field i now make all of my Costumes. In the very beginning i did not know how to sew AT ALL so i bought two of my costumes (Chun-Li and Goth Stocking). I don’t knock anyone from buying cosplays because most of the time it is WAY cheaper than actually sewing your own. I cut apart and remade most of Chun-Li and Stocking will be up for sale soon.

What is your favorite character to play?

My fav character to play has to be Harley Quinn. She is just so lovable with her annoying mask and i get to hop around in clown make-up and taunt anyone in a batman T-Shirt lol.

Amongst animation, comics, movies, or video games, what is your biggest inspiration for cosplay?

My biggest inspiration for cosplay comes from Video Games. I am a huge Video Game junkie and the fact that you arn’t just watching an anime, reading a comic, or watching a Sci-Fi movie but you part of this story line or the action really solidifies that bond between you and the character. Most of the women are also portrayed as powerful beings that are on equal planes as the Beefy men. Character design has become more elaborate over the years and allowed for most, if not all, of the recent cosplays to be beyond reason (Grenado Espada, W.O.W., L.O.L.)

Have you ever made any mistakes that you’d warn a first timer about?

I’ve made plenty of Mistakes that i warn all cosplayers to avoid but i have two that i’d like to share. One, BRING A COSPLAY FIRST AID KIT. Not a literal first aid kit but a  bucket of safty pins, needle, thread, hot glue, anything that you can use to repair cosplays on the go. You never know what will get knocked off in a huge crowd. My most important peice of advice is be wary of who you give your personal information to at cons. Don’t give out your address or anything to a complete stranger, instead exchange numbers or take a busines card that way you can block a phone number if they become less than a friend or keep things at a distance when you obtain a card. Safety First!

Are there certain characters that are easier to play than others?

No character is treated equally lol. If you enjoy one type of character its very easy to find common grounds but if you enjoy an array of different characters then you have to assume their quirks and traits. Going from Bubbly Harley Quinn to very quiet Fran is a feat that ive learned to do. It takes quite a bit of effort in cosplaying because Cosplay is Costume Play. You arn’t just in a costume but you are playing the character. There is a performance art involved that you have to compensate for.

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