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Super Bounty J1

  Read the wacky adventures of J1, a super powerful bounty hunter who becomes the hunted! Mexican men in panda suits! Assassins! Cyborgs! Magicians! RUN!!!! Fighting! Shooting! Comedy! Chaos! READ IT!  

Angel Savior

A twist on the book of Revelation from the Bible, in which the Angel of Death has fallen for a human woman and will destroy all life on Earth just to keep her safe. Will the hero become the villain for the sake of love? Angel Savior: Beta Collection TM and © 2006 Jason LeVonn …

Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai

The land of Watif is similar to ours but not quite. It is a land plagued by shananigans; where Interstellar Spacesheep abduct domestic cacti, and everyday footwear can turn your sister into a hot super-villain. Who will restore this land from chaos? Who will stop the hooligans in their tracks and destroy them for her …

Mega Ran: Random Lyricism – Graphic Novel

  Hip Hop Rap Battles + Fighting Tournament + Elemental Powers = Mega Ran: Random Lyricism!!! Hip hop masters come together in a tournament to see who can wield the elements using their best rap lyrics, in what is known as the Language Arts Tournament!    

Silver – Graphic Novel