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ULTRA Street Fighter IV?? What do you think?

So at this year’s EVO 2013 (the Evolution Championship Series), an annual event that focuses exclusively on fighting game tournaments, announced a new game in the Street Fighter IV series. Ultra Street Fighter IV is its name. So what’s new about it? Well, let’s check out these features: FEATURES: New Characters: Five new characters, including: Poison, Hugo, Elena, and Rolento, …

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Man of Tai Chi (2013) Review

Man of Tai Chi (2013) Director: Keanu Reeves Rated: R Running Time: 105 minutes Genre: Martial Arts, Action This “multilingual narrative”* is an action packed, martial arts film directed by and starring Keanu Reeves (his directorial debut). The film also stars a good friend of his, Tiger Hu Chen. Tiger plays himself in this fictional …

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J1 Studios Interview: Stuart Zagnit (Professor Oak!)

Recently, at the Too Many Games Convention in Oaks PA, the J1 Sound Team had the pleasure of meeting the famous voice acting talent who has done voice work for several animes and show, the most popular one being Professor Oak from Pokemon! Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our other interviews, …

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BATMAN vs DEADPOOL – Super Power Beat Down (Episode 8)

The gang at Bat in Sun Productions are at it again with another awesome Super Power Beat Down. What’s Super Power Beat Down? Well, it’s a show where they bring two superheroes (usually from different companies) come together and duke it out! This time around they have The Dark Knight himself, Batman, versus The Merc …

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Check out this awesome trailer for Short Peace, created by the creator of AKIRA!!!

Check out this awesome trailer for Short Peace, a CG-animated collection of short films created by Katsuhiro Otomo, the man behind Akira! Short Peace is a collection of four shorts created by Katsuhiro Otomo and 3 other legendary animators, assembling “the top animators at the leading edge of Japanese animation, exploring possible future avenues of …

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What if the Avengers were Power Rangers??

Thanks to the Philadelphia Power Rangers Group for finding this! Just watch it!!! OMG so cool!

Starman Goes Wild – (Invincible Mario Theme Remix)

From J1 Studios’ Mario Dubstep Remix Album: Starman Goes Wild. Because who doesn’t love being invincible?  Download the entire album for free in the free stuff section of the site! Check out our youtube channel for more remixes, interviews and event footage!

Shirts! with Perks!

Help to support Dj CUTMAN’s record label, GameChops, and get an awesome CUTMAN or GAMECHOPS T-Shirt! …Plus perks! Check out his page on to get the full details, and see all the possible perks!

Watch the new original Nightwing series “Grayson: Earth One” here!!

Premiere Pre and Post (P3) Production presents its original Nightwing series “Grayson: Earth One” based on the celebrated Batman comics. Be the first to help launch the series to fans all over the world! Join P3’s dedicated and hardworking team as they set off on this new adventure as blogs, forums, websites, and all get …

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The Purge movie

Okay, so has everyone seen the trailer for the move “The Purge”? If you haven’t, it is attached. It probably isn’t safe for the younger set, just so you know. From the trailer and what I have read it looks like it will be amazing. I’m actually happy about a scary, suspenseful movie. It has …

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