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Apr 05 2017

Voltron forms into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The Legendary Defender defends the galaxy from the forces of evil!! Now he must defend his honor in Death Battle as he prepares to take on the Power Rangers’ Megazord!! 1,166 total views, no views today

1,166 total views, no views today

Dec 12 2016

21+ Holiday NERD PARTY!! No COVER! PRIZES! Hosted by the Black Tribbles!!

Yeah that’s right! DATE: Saturday December 17th 2016 TIME: 6pm – 10pm LOCATION: The Irish Times, 2nd Street Philly (629 S 2nd St, Philadelphia) ***** NO COVER!! FREE EVENT!!! ***** Join the award-winning Black Tribbles for our Annual Holiday party!! Enter the 2-person NERD PICTIONARY TOURNAMENT!! 8 teams will be made and the winners each get …

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Oct 26 2016

Check out the World’s First Full Motion figure!!

Speecys, a Tokyo based company founded by Tomoaki Kasuga, is planning to released the world’s first 3D motion figure named “Model MOF17 Pro”. The figure has full range of motion and is able to move and even dance. Kasuga is the inventor of Sony’s popular robo-dog AIBO, which simulates actual canine behavior. The figure stand …

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May 19 2016

Remember G4? Well J1Studios is trying to bring that back!

We all remember the days of the cable channel G4, and how much we loved it for one thing or another. Well, we want to bring some of that awesome back! Welcome to J1UP where we are going to combine the fun and energy of G4′s shows (indie style). We are going to do things …

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Apr 28 2016

Let’s go on a “Cheesy Cartoons” adventure with Sonic the Hedgehog!!

Ah, video games. They were the boom in the late eighties and through the nineties. If you didn’t own a Nintendo or Sega, you were boring. Luckily, the popularity of their respective mascots eventually got them their own cartoon series. Nintendo’s mustachioed siblings kicked things off first. With the Console Wars kicking into high gear …

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Sep 11 2015

Fight Stick Fridays: Sai Evermore

Every Friday, J1Studios will be featuring an arcade stick modder for #fightstickfridays. Last week, the clean wiring and clear cases of Crispy Links was featured, and this week the spotlight will be focused on Sai Evermore. Probably the most famous of Sai’s work is the Green Ranger Arcade stick he made that was signed by …

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Jan 10 2015

J1 Studios fan gets to go to Distant Worlds: Music from FINAL FANTASY!

Just because you may not have won doesn’t mean you can’t go see it. Tickets are going fast but there are some available! Read below to see what to expect! People show up in cosplay here too! It’s always an awesome experience! Distant Worlds: Music from FINAL FANTASY Two-concert marathon!  BUY TICKETS: On that note…, Congratulations …

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Oct 27 2014

Video Game Tournament Director needs help with medical bills!

A message from Chris Alexander of J1 Studios:  “In early September, I found out that our tournament director, Katsu Hayami, had a expensive medical bill for treatment he needs to stay heathy, and is selling his stuff to avoid going into debt.Good news, he is finding a new job, and is in good spirits. Bad …

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Oct 14 2014

Garo Hoono No Kokuin Recap Episode 2: Divine Flame *SPOILERS!!!!*

In a dark dungeon at a local church in Valiante, a young woman cries for help, when the priest who’s keeping her captive assures her that he knows that she’s not a witch. That is before stabbing her with a dagger and draining her blood into a Gate, forcibly getting himself possessed by a Horror …

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Aug 04 2014

Kano Revealed In Mortal Kombat X!!!!!

Uh-oh… someone made a boo boo. Not good * for Netherrealm Studios, that is. I’m loving it. * As a result of a leak from a German gaming magazine, the 8th character for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X has been reveal to be none other than… KANO!!! Images of Kano’s return first appeared on the …

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