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READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 23… Girl fight!!

England VS India! Looks like the fight is still going on, but it seems other fights are jumping off! The crew has been watching Daj M. Ahl go against E-Shocka, but with Melody Carter (M.C.) not liking how Jessi Maraj is “trying” to get under Mega Ran’s skin. It about to be on! Forget the …

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READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 22… uh oh!

England VS India! Looks like a new fight is about to jump off!! While Mega Ran, Melody (MC), K-Murdock, and DN3 were watching the Daj M. Ahl versus E-Shocka Language Arts match Jessi Maraj shows up and it seems like she’s trying to get under Mega Ran’s skin. She does get under someone’s skin, and a …

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Death To The Titans – 1st Single From Mega Ran x Phill Harmonix EP

Hip-Hop meets one of the best anime titles in this new track. Off of the upcoming release from Hip-Hop/Nerdcore superstar Mega Ran and Phill Harmonix titled The Returners EP, this is Death To The Titans. The Returners EP drops next Tuesday, but until then. check out the video below for Death On The Titans.

Interview with Mega Ran in the J1 Studios Break Room!

Join Forrest, Ray and Jason as we have an in-depth talk with hip-hop hero, Random aka Mega Ran.     Ray Riley’s Endless [Sideways 8 Remix]: Losses – Mega Ran remix contest: Mega Ran Random Lyricism Graphic Novel pages: Follow Mega Ran: Follow J1 Studios:

READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 21… Who is that?

England VS India! A new challenger appeared! Mega Ran and crew are watching the battle and even they think that Daj M. Ahl is really putting a hurting on E-Shocka pretty bad. When things couldn’t get uncomfortable, up pops Mega Ran’s opponent for his next fight! What is this going to lead to, and what kind …

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The Dance (No Sleep) – New Video From Random aka Mega Ran!!!

Check out the new music video released from nerdcore superstar Random aka Mega Ran!!! From his album Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata, the song is “The Dance (No Sleep)”

READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 20… Burke’s house.

England VS India! E-Shocka VS Daj M. Ahl continues! Burke the Jurke decided to stay home and watch the match on television with his trusty dog Roxy, who in actuality might not be his dog. Either way you get to see where the commentators (well Brad Bradford anyway) stand when it comes to who they …

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Mega Ran’s new track “Losses” feat. Joell Ortiz & MURS

“We gotta take a stand, I’m sick of taking losses…” -MURS After being named a “Rapper Likely To Be Big in 2014” by LA Weekly, Mega Ran steps to the plate in a lead-off role and blasts a thunderous home run. His new track “Losses” is a heartfelt lifeline to anyone who’s lost anything or anyone to …

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Dj CUTMAN interviews Mega Ran TONIGHT at 10 PM!

  A special tour episode of Dj CUTMAN’s web show, “This Week In Chiptune” features the 8-bit sampled beats and rhymes of teacher / rapper / hero Random aka Mega Ran! Show starts at 10PM (EDT) and is totally free to stream. RSVP, tune in and chat at the link below: This show will include …

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Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 19… Catchin’ it!

England VS India! E-Shocka VS Daj M. Ahl continues! E-Shocka is trying to put a hurting’ on Daj M. Ahl, but Daj seems too fast for E-Shocka’s electricity. Now it’s his turn! Will his earth attacks have any effect on the E-Shocka, and will it shut him up? Who do you think will win? Read …

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