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Try Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise right now!!

With less than a month until you can make guys explode with your finger tips in Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, Sega has decided to give fans of the action manga series created by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara an early shot at the game by releasing a demo in the PlayStation Store on …

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Slayers returns in first new novel after 18 years!!

After nearly two decades of absence, the fantasy adventure manga Slayers is returning with its 16th volume. On Friday, August 31, Fantasia Bunko announced that the light novel series written by Hajime Kanzaka and illustrated by Rui Araizumi would be continuing the adventures of teenage sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions when the novel ships …

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Kakegurui TV anime returns in January 2019!!

Ready for more high stakes gambling and riskier betting? Easy, soon you will get your chance. The official website for the anime adaption of Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura’s gambling manga Kakegurui confirmed that the series is getting a second season. Titled “Kakegurui xx”, the next season will focus on the student council election at …

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Idol group member cast to play Yumemi Yumemite in live “Kakegurui” series!!

The official Twitter account for the live action Kakegurui series has revealed its first new cast member. Nogizaka46 idol group member Sayuri Matsumura will play the character Yumemi Yumemite in the show’s second season. 【新キャスト発表🎲✨】私立百花王学園の生徒会役員にして、カリスマ的人気を誇るアイドル・夢見弖ユメミがドラマseson2に登場🙌彼女を #乃木坂46 の #松村沙友理 さんが演じることに決定🎉”リアルアイドル”が、原作でも人気の”二面性を持つキャラクター”を、どう演じるのか…⁉#賭ケグルイ — ドラマ&映画『賭ケグルイ』 (@kakegurui_jp) August 16, 2018 The live adaption of Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura’s …

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Heroes and Villains collide in latest My Hero One’s Justice trailer!!

Ever Bandai Namco announced making a game based on the popular manga/anime series My Hero Academia, they have built a pretty impressive roster full of heroes and villains. From Deku and Bakugo to Stain and Muscular, the 11-minute trailer shows each of them one by one. My Hero One’s Justice launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox …

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And “Nyu” to Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE is Lucy!!

Lucy, the Diclonius queen, is next to compete in the DEATH BATTLE arena. With her “Vectors,” she can slaughter through nearly anyone and anything with deadly precision. But can this femme fatale bring the destruction to the homicidal Symbiote, Carnage?

Dark Horse to bring Elfen Lied to North America!!

At Anime Expo 2018 last month, Dark Horse announced that they would be publishing the English version of the horror sci-fi manga, Elfen Lied. Created by Lynn Okamoto, the 12-volume series will be released in four omnibus volumes, the first of which is planned for May 22, 2018. The manga inspired the anime series released …

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NEW visuals revealed for Prince of Tennis OVA!!

Get your rackets and hit the court for a brand new Prince of Tennis series! The official website for the popular sports anime franchise has released visuals for the upcoming series with the second and third episode visuals recently posted on the site. Titled “Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES”, the OVA highlights highly popular matches …

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Is Harukana Receive worthy on being an “ace?!” *Review – Contains Spoilers*

READ ONLY IF YOU WATCHED THE FIRST THREE EPISODES!! Harukana Receive is a sport related anime about Haruka Ozora who is living her grandmother in Okinawa along with her cousin Kanata Higa. The series starts off with Haruka seeing her cousin again after so many years apart. There, she discovers that Kanata used to play …

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“Avatar” director shows off trailer for Alita: Battle Angel!!

James Cameron, director of such theatrical hits as “Titanic” and “Avatar”, shows off his next project at San Diego Comic Con 2018. Following in the footsteps of Ghost in the Shell, we are getting another movie adaption of a Japanese manga series. Alita: Battle Angel is an upcoming American cyberpunk action film, based on Yukito …

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