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Nov 13 2017

Defenders Episode 6 Chapter 3 Pt.3!!

As the medics asked the passengers if they were okay, Captain Wilcox and Nicole walk out of the door of the control tower and head over towards the plane. When they reach the plane, they encounter a member of the emergency staff. “Excuse me,” Captain Wilcox said getting the man’s attention. The man turns toward …

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May 02 2017

Defenders Episode 6: Way of the Gods Chapter 3!!

As Guardian is flying over London, Nicole looks down at the buildings and streets below passing by quickly. She is amazed that she is flying over her city without the confines of an airplane. “This is wonderful!” she said excitedly. “Yep, this is the only way to travel and I get unlimited frequent flyer miles.” …

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Feb 14 2017

Defenders Episode 6: Way of the Gods Chapter 2!!

Back on Earth, Guardian has reached London and is currently flying over the city towards the airport. He is looking down at the various shops and restaurants as he heads toward his destination. “Man, there sure are a lot of places to choose from to get something to eat.” he said, “Hmm, maybe if I …

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Nov 15 2016

Defenders Episode 6: Way of the Gods Chapter 1 Pt.1!!

In the last episode of Defenders, Guardian learns a bit more about the Defenders and his role in protecting the Earth from the evil forces of the Dark Realm. He asks about the other possible Defenders Edenia has sensed and their next step. After telling him about the auras she’s felt previously, Edenia, the Spirit …

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Jun 08 2016

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Apr 04 2016

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 10 (Concluded)

“No, this can’t happen! He can’t win! I WON’T LET HIM!!” Incubus shouted, seeing himself losing ground against Guardian. He struggles with all his power to try and break Guardian’s shield but to no avail. Not even the power he drew in from the volcano has helped. “I don’t believe it! He’s holding it!” said …

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Mar 10 2016

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 10 Pt.1!!

Lightning streaks across the sky as the storm grew in anger. Bellows of thunder rumble through the clouds. The intensity of the massive thunderstorm over one of the Indonesian islands continues to grow. Gusty winds whips across the island, bending the branches of the trees of the forest to near breaking. Somewhere, the indigenous life …

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Feb 26 2016

Defenders Episode 4: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 9!!

Incubus stares into the cloud of ash and smoke with a satisfied grin. He is relieved to have completed what he set out to do. The accused murderer of his family is dead. For a moment, he recalls that day when he lost everyone he loved. A dark figure came to him and told him …

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Jan 12 2016

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 8 (Continued)!!

“Feeling a little hot down there,” he calls to Guardian. “Well, I was meaning to work on my tan,” Guardian responded with his usual banter. “You look a little done on the outside,” Incubus said, commenting on Guardian’s dark complexion. “But I like my meat very well done.” With that, the fiery Aussie sends a …

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Nov 22 2015

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 8 Pt.1!!

Edenia and her guest continue to watch the battle closely on the Scrying Wall. While the Spirit of Earth is impressed with Guardian’s skills, the man expresses no strong feelings. He has kept his resolve while he witnessed an amazing battle. Guardian has shown great versatility while fighting Incubus. He has addressed his opponent’s skills …

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