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Pre-Order your Black Tribbles T-Shirts while they last!

The radio sensation known to geek culture as the Black Tribbles are teaming up with Black Action Tees, to create the ultimate nerd-centric AND extraordinarily stylish series of shirts! Join the Tribble Nation!! IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Get your Black Tribbles Tees from Black Action Tees! TOP QUALITY!!! SIX BANGIN’ DESIGNS!!! MEN AND WOMEN…ALL SIZES!!! GET YOURS …

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Shirts! with Perks!

Help to support Dj CUTMAN’s record label, GameChops, and get an awesome CUTMAN or GAMECHOPS T-Shirt! …Plus perks! Check out his page on to get the full details, and see all the possible perks!

Pimp My Tee creates a SUPER CUSTOM Super Bounty J1!! WOW! SHINY!!!

Check out the amazing rhinestone rendition of a Super Bounty J1 made by Jabir Rahman, the owner of the custom store Pimp My Tee! Pimp My Tee, located at 428 South Street in Philadelphia is one of the most unique shops of its kind. Here they produce high quality customize apparel at affordable prices. Whether it’s a …

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Super Bounty J1 COSPLAY CONTEST! Win a FREE PASS to Otakon 2013!

It’s pretty simple and pretty cool.  We are putting together a cosplay competition for Super Bounty J1. Whoever has the best costume will receive a 3-day pass for the Otakon 2013! To get even more excited, this happens to be the 20th anniversary of Otakon!! An Otakon you can’t miss! Otakon 2013 will be going on …

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” Django Unchained: Selling Slaves as Action Figures ” … Seriously?

I cannot make this up, even if I tried. In fact, here’s a pic. As if the idea of this film wasn’t likely to make 12.6 of the nation extremely uncomfortable, some genius had to go and do this? It was a big enough gamble for director Quentin Tarantino and chief-partner Harvey Weinstein to turn the …

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Black Friday’s Best Deals in Music

GET THESE DEALS WHILE THEY LAST!! Whether you enjoy listening to awesome music, or creating it, here are some deals that are hard to pass up! take advantage of them before this friday is over! Lets Start with the Mp3s: Today only, our beloved DJ Cutman is practically giving away all of his albums at …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Brian Gregory

Welcome Brian Gregory (aka Stranger Than Fiction Cosplay) to our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I do It because I love the characters. Comic Books, Manga & Japanese Tokusatsu  have all played a valuable part in making me the man I am. My Father passed when I was 15 and looking up to heroes,  kept …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Marie Grey

Let us introduce Marie Grey in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? Why I started is really different from why I still do it. My best friend at the time was really into anime and wanted to start cosplaying. I thought it was really weird, but being a good friend…I agreed to cosplay with her …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Darlena Marie

Darlena Marie is an awesome cosplayer, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I enjoy costume performing because it allows me to express that part of me that is creative, carefree, and fanciful!  I love how it makes others smile and adds to their convention experience to take pictures with people dressed like their favorite …

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How was the J1-Con? Truly EPIC! 2 days of Philly fun!

“Had a wonderful night. Thanks for doing all that great stuff! Ultraman!” “Had fun last night at the J1 Mini Con!! Sushi & drinks at the bar, talent shows, and cosplay!! saw all my friends I haven’t seen in a while, needs to happen again soon!!” “J1 was awesome” “You know the night was awesome …

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