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Cosplay Spotlight: Hayley Elise

Hayley Elise has entered the building, for our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? So many reasons! I never really grew out of dress ups when I was a child, so I suppose it all stemmed from there. But there are so many things I love about it. Creating the costumes, for one, is so …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Katybear

To the stage comes the fantastic Katybear, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? Because I love it, it’s so much fun. You almost feel like a different person. What was your first cosplay? Cammy from Street Fighter 2 Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Maka Lee

Come and see, the spectacular Maka Lee, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I love how you role play as the character.  I have always enjoyed painting, drawing, and pretty much anything that involves crafts. At my first anime convention I saw everyone dressed up and I thought, I could definitely do that! I …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Kitty Honey

Up in the sky… It’s a bird… it’s a plane.. NO, it’s Kitty Honey, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I love the idea of being someone else and bring a fictional character to the real world. It’s like becoming a fantasy true. It’s a lot of fun and you can be a princess, a …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Cesil Rapture

A new cosplayer has entered the ring! Cesil Rapture is in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? First off, Halloween is my favorite holiday.:) It is a nice outlet to express my creativity and it forces me to challenge myself again and again! It is also a great way to meet new people and make new …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Pharaohmone

Ladies and gents, give a warm welcome to Pharaohmone, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? For the same reasons that comic book fans get excited when their favorite characters cross the silver screen, I have always loved recreating classic scenes and characters that haven’t been fleshed out to their fullest potential.  This is especially true …

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Cosplay Spotlight: MeltingMirror

  Everyone, you must look at the awesome of MeltingMirror, in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay it’s fun and I have made many friends because of it. I also like to challenge myself and there is always an opportunity for that in cosplay. What was your first cosplay? My first cosplay was of …

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Korra, Young Justice & Justice League Unlimited on Black Tribbles tonight LIVE!

Thursday Nov 1st 9pm EST on Black Tribbles – a look at the future of adventure cartoons in THE LEGEND OF KORRA, plus the Tribble Nation compares the legendary JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED vs the scintillating YOUNG JUSTICE and an appreciation for the adventure toon of days gone bye! Check it out LIVE on, The Sound from Germantown

Cosplay Spotlight: Dokudel

Let’s stare at Dokudel, who’s under the COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? Hmmmm… good question! XD Technically I have been cosplaying since 1998  And going to my first con in 2001. I was fasinated by the hobby when my parents use to buy me Animerica magazines. And a good buddy Kevin Lillard would take photos of …

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Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de Anime

New anime, released October 20, 2012. Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De (In the center of the blue world). Segua Kingdom has been losing the war against Ninteldo Empire but the tables are turned by the appearance of a boy called Gear. A parody of the console wars of the early 90’s, featuring personifications of some …

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