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The Turtle Hermit takes on the Toad Sage in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Alright, it’s time to see which one of anime’s biggest pervs is the better mentor and fighter! Will Master Roshi get a lickin’ from the great Toad Sage?! Or will it be Jirayia who will be shown one shell of a time?!

Netflix announces live action Cowboy Bebop series!!

So here we go again. Netflix has announced that they will be producing a live action adaption of Cowboy Bebop, the much beloved 1998 anime series that follows a rag tag crew of bounty hunters as they travel through space in search of the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals. The series is animated by Sunrise featuring …

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New visual and teaser trailer revealed for 2nd Trinity Seven anime film!!

The official website for the Trinity Seven anime has revealed the first visual and teaser trailer for the upcoming second anime film. The site also announced that the film will premiere at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo and other theaters across Japan on March 29, 2019 The visual was illustrated by Shinpei Tomooka, character designer …

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Two more cast members revealed for second season of Kakegurui TV anime!!

As promised, the official Twitter account for the Kakegurui TV anime revealed two new cast members over the last two days. Haruno Inoue joins the cast as Yumi Totobami. Inoue voices Kaoru Asao in Nobunagan. \新キャスト発表!②/#賭ケグルイ 第2章新キャラクター、等々喰ユミ役は… #井上遥乃 さんです!@haruno_inoue — TVアニメ「賭ケグルイ××」公式 (@kakegurui_anime) November 27, 2018 Actress and singer Ayana Taketatsu was revealed to have …

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Dark Shadows!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 5 Review!!

Blake: “So, it might be smart to watch the episode before reading this.” Hmm, it seems Rooster Teeth is tapping back into their first and second volume roots with their latest episodes of RWBY having a runtime of under 15 minutes, ten minutes shorter than Volumes three through five. This episode is short and sweet …

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Neon Genesis Evangelion added to Netflix’s anime lineup!!

No doubt Netflix is trying to keep pace with Funimation and Crunchyroll with its ever growing anime listing. The streaming channel has added another classic title to join the likes of Naruto and Bleach. It has been nearly a decade since Neon Genesis Evangelion went out of print in 2010. Netflix made the announcement on …

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Kakegurui anime reveals first new character and voice actor!!

We get the reveal for the second character and voice actor for the next season of the Kakegurui TV anime. Meet the next member of the Hundred Devouring Families, Terano Totobami. Actress Megumi Han will portray Terano in Kakegurui XX. Her roles include Obito Uchiha, Saya and Yome in Naruto Shippuden, Rio Kamishiro in Yu-Gi-Oh …

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The Toad Sage hops over into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Jirayia is one of the Three Legendary Sannin of Konoha Village. His skills as a ninja are a cut above all others and he has spent most of his life traveling the world, where he gained even more experience. Jirayia would learn sage arts that allow him to summon frogs to join him in battle. …

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Delve into your gambling madness in new Kakegurui mobile phone game!!

Soon, you can join Yumeko Jabami and get your gambling freak on in a new mobile app being developed by Square Enix. Kakegurui: Cheating Allowed lets experience Hyakkaou Academy’s unique gambling style. As of now, there is no word on a Western release. Test your mental prowess against Itsuki Sumeragi in Double Memory! Can you …

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*UPDATE* Kakegurui official website to reveals new Season Two visual and characters!!

The official website for the TV anime adaption of Kakegurui revealed a new visual for the upcoming second season due to premiere in January 2019. They plan to reveal the new cast of characters who will appear next season one at a time, each day beginning November 26 via the Kakegurui Twitter account. The second …

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