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The first person life of a Goomba

Those tiny little mushroom creatures we must stomp on and destroy in almost every Mario game we play. Here’s a beautifully animated story of a single goomba, from his birth, to… well, I won’t spoil it. Talk about the other side of the story.. Credits go to Pipoca Effects, who have done cool animations of …

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Rare Animation Cells from your favorite 90’s Cartoons

Rocko’s Modern Life, Beavis and Butthead, and Ren and Stimpy. Just a couple of classic shows that you may have enjoyed as kids, and might still be enjoying today. I do! Thanks Netflix! Thanks to The Cricket Gallery, a series of original and limited-edition animation art from these shows is now available for you to purchase on …

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The Minecraft (A Matrix/Minecraft parody animation)

“Have you ever played a game so much that you thought it was real?” This was animated and created by me “hBRUNAV”. This is so entertaining that I would totally watch a whole feature length film of this. Follow them on Twitter: Like them on Facebook: Or ask them anything on Tumblr:

Fan Makes Super Bounty J1 Animation

  This storyboard animatic was done by Jon Sypher of the United States. Not much is known from this phenomenal artist besides that he made this as well as a super detailed submission to the J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume 2 (coming soon). Thanks Jon!

Transformers Prime Review!!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-fiction, Drama Format: CGI animation Developed by: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline Executive producer(s): Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Kline Running time: approx. 21 minutes Production company(s): Digitalscape, K/O Paper Products, Darby Pop Productions, Hasbro Studios, Polygon Pictures Let’s get this out of the way right now. It is …

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The Legend of Miyamoto

                            This has been on Newgrounds for a while now, but it still an excellent tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto. In an animation by Newgrounds Animator, Awkward-Squid, Shigeru Miyamoto accidentally finds himself in the world of Mario, he then goes on an epic (but …

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Korra, Young Justice & Justice League Unlimited on Black Tribbles tonight LIVE!

Thursday Nov 1st 9pm EST on Black Tribbles – a look at the future of adventure cartoons in THE LEGEND OF KORRA, plus the Tribble Nation compares the legendary JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED vs the scintillating YOUNG JUSTICE and an appreciation for the adventure toon of days gone bye! Check it out LIVE on, The Sound from Germantown

Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de Anime

New anime, released October 20, 2012. Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De (In the center of the blue world). Segua Kingdom has been losing the war against Ninteldo Empire but the tables are turned by the appearance of a boy called Gear. A parody of the console wars of the early 90’s, featuring personifications of some …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Brian Gregory

Welcome Brian Gregory (aka Stranger Than Fiction Cosplay) to our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I do It because I love the characters. Comic Books, Manga & Japanese Tokusatsu  have all played a valuable part in making me the man I am. My Father passed when I was 15 and looking up to heroes,  kept …

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Namco Bandai + Level 5 + Studio Ghibli = Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Studio Ghibli is known for creating some of the greatest anime titles of all time, from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to Princess Mononoke and more. So it’s surprising to hear that they’ve done this. Collaborating with Namco Bandai and Level 5 Studios (Developers of Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest XIII and the Professor …

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