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Don’t fear the Reaper!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 7 Recap!!

Qrow: “Look, it’s a review. It’s got spoilers. You know the deal.” We learn that Mary Calavera was once a legendary hunter known as the Grim Reaper and rightfully so. Armed with dual scythes, she was an incredible fighter and took down a giant bird type Grimm on her own, using her silver eyes to …

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Marvel’s mad Titan snaps his way into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

It has finally happened. The DEATH BATTLE we have been waiting for is coming. Thanos, the mad Titan for the Marvel universe, is coming to prove why he is best suited to rule the universe. Possessing all six Infinity Stones, he can control space, time and reality itself. Recently, he ended half the lives in …

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Encompassing Darkness/Guiding Light!! RWBY Vol. 6 Ep. 6 Review!!

Weiss: “Honestly, it is rude to read without watching the episode first. How uncouth. Let me spell it out for you. Watch first. Then read afterward.” Rooster Teeth is really cranking things up this season. When Ruby and the gang arrived in a small town to find it sort of abandoned save for the townsfolk …

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The Turtle Hermit takes on the Toad Sage in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Alright, it’s time to see which one of anime’s biggest pervs is the better mentor and fighter! Will Master Roshi get a lickin’ from the great Toad Sage?! Or will it be Jirayia who will be shown one shell of a time?!

Dark Shadows!! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 5 Review!!

Blake: “So, it might be smart to watch the episode before reading this.” Hmm, it seems Rooster Teeth is tapping back into their first and second volume roots with their latest episodes of RWBY having a runtime of under 15 minutes, ten minutes shorter than Volumes three through five. This episode is short and sweet …

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The Toad Sage hops over into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Jirayia is one of the Three Legendary Sannin of Konoha Village. His skills as a ninja are a cut above all others and he has spent most of his life traveling the world, where he gained even more experience. Jirayia would learn sage arts that allow him to summon frogs to join him in battle. …

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Welcome back to the Pride Lands! First look at the live action Lion King movie!!

We finally get to see what Disney has planned for their next live adaption of their animated classics. The Lion King is one of Disney’s most successful and memorable films, regarded for its incredible story, wonderful animation and amazing songs. The live action CGI film looks to recapture that moment with a teaser trailer that …

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Pale deception! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.4 Review!!

Yang: “Hey, don’t wanna spoil it for ya. Check us out before you keep reading, alright.” Just as I expected, everyone is pissed at Ozpin. After last week’s shocking revelation, Team RWBY and Uncle Qrow are shaken to their core when it was revealed that Salem cannot be killed. Furthermore, Ozpin adds that he has …

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“Castlevania” producer Adi Shankar announces Devil May Cry series!!

Well, it’s not Legend of Zelda, it’s way better! Adi Shankar announced today that his next project will be an animated series based on Capcom’s “Devil May Cry” series. Shankar said that he has acquired the rights to the property to keep Hollywood from “f—ing it up.” Netflix could be a likely spot to air …

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Does Netflix’s She-Ra series rise to power?!

I like it when shows that I grew up watching are given new life. It makes them relevant, fresh, brand new for a new generation of fans while bringing in elements that made the show fun for us older fans to watch. Dreamworks, just as they have done with Voltron, reinvents an iconic show for …

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