Brighten Kratos day with new patch for God of War!!

Why so serious?

Kratos always seems so serious all the time, like someone put too much starch in his toga. Can’t the man just smile one time? Or at least crack a grin? Well, that will soon be possible. Today, Santa Monica Studios is updating the latest patch to feature a photo mode for God of War. This mode will allow players to adjust the faces of Kratos and Atreus with different expressions. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy feature a photo mode but only Chloe Frazer could be changed, not her partner Nadie Ross. God of War’s photo mode offers the usual camera controls and lens adjustments, including depth-of-field presets so player do not need to manually adjust the focus distance. There are other settings such as colors filters, effects and overlays. There is even a God of War-specific filter that removes all other colors except for red. The photo mode feature will be included with the 1.20 patch that will be coming soon.

More about photo mode for God of War is explained in the video from IGN.