Booth and Bones visit Sleepy Hollow in Season 3!!

Sleep Hollow_S3-crossover

Sleepy Hollow returns for a third season after Fox dragged on the possibly of its cancelation. A lot has happened in the second season and key characters were killed off, Moloch, Henry Parrish and Katrina Crane. The season ended on a rather quiet note. Abbie and Ichabod’s adventures would likely continue but the ending could have honestly gone either way. Had the series ended as is, the backlash from fans would be minimal due the neutral ending. Renewal of the series was likely met with equal praise. Still, it is good to know that we will get to enjoy more of Abbie and Crane’s strange relationship. Their world may be rocked when the series crosses over with “Bones” when Booth and Bones head to Sleepy Hollow. It would be interesting to see how Booth clashes with Crane. As for what the new threat could be, there are a couple possibilities. In Season 1, the duo happened upon the silver coins that Judas received as payment for betraying Jesus. According to Henry Parrish, there are 32 in all. Only one was found, so where are the remaining coins? The likelihood of Abbie and Crane hunting for evil relics along with Hawley. And they are getting a little help from a familiar mythical figure—Pandora. Yes, that Pandora, as in keeper of the Box that contains all the world’s evil. Could there be link between Pandora and the strange happenings in Sleepy Hollow? Guess we’ll find when Sleepy Hollow returns in October.