Blizzard reveals new Overwatch hero, Moira!!

Meet Moira, a ninja witch (yes, that is correct. She a freaking ninja witch!) who has the capabilities to heal and deal damage. Think if Mercy was crossed with Zayra and sprinkled with a little bit of Reaper, this is the result. Like Mercy, Moira can shoot a beam of light to heal teammates. Alternatively, she can fire a beam of dark light at enemies that deals damage over time. Moira carries with her two orbs. The yellow orb can be cast out to heal teammates while the dark orb will cause enemies to turn tail and run. Moira’s ultimate attack is a powerful beam of dark and light energy mixed together that she fires “Kamehameha” style, damaging enemies and healing allies. Moira can also teleport short distances, much like Reaper’s ‘fading’ ability. This makes incredibly versatile as she can use teleportation to quickly remove herself from enemy sites and cast out a dark orb to damage them or find an ally to heal covertly. Creative director Jeff Kaplan told the audience exactly how to spell Moira: “OP AF.”