Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer!


While Disney has owned Marvel for a little while now, they’ve never actually cranked out an animated superhero film, which is shocking in its own regard. However, that’s all about to change. Until now, there have only been rough drawings and whispered ideas about the film, but today, the official first teaser for Big Hero 6 was released! Loosely based off of the Marvel comic from 1998, the film is the very first animated feature for a Marvel film, and is slated for a release in February of 2015. The teaser opens onto a boy on his computer, designing his own robotic superhero when he realizes he can use the giant squishable, loveable one he has currently, although it doesn’t exactly go to plan. However, watch the trailer yourself, and see what you think. Personally, just from this, you can tell this film is going be one big ride of joy and fun, and I’m beyond excited to see if it can match up to the big leagues of the live action Marvel films. Here’s for hoping. Take a look at the official teaser trailer below, and tell us at J1 Studios what you think.