Become a duelist with SCRAP and Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration!!

So, think you have what it takes to be a duelist? Then accept the challenge set by Seto Kaiba! SCRAP and Yu-Gi-Oh are teaming up to bring the dueling experience to the masses in an all-new game, “Challenge from KaibaCorp.” Players are invited to be beta testers for the Solid Vision Sphere, Seto Kaiba’s new invention that allows users to enter a virtual space. When there, the “testers” will be immersed in a virtual Battle City Tournament.

The event marks the first time SCRAP and Yu-Gi-Oh have collaborated together. The live puzzle game follows SCRAP’s “mystery mailbox” format, which was previously used for their “Tokyo Mystery Circus” venue. Players receive a mystery kit and must answer questions that will lead them to the locked box. The correct answer will open the box and they will be able to progress in the story. Since there is no time limit, teams can be formed and work at their own pace.

SCRAP has also debuted puzzles and merchandise that will be available to players, which include pins, sticker sheets and clear files. The first 30,000 players to complete the event will receive an Obelisk the Tormentor duel card, redesigned in Millennium Pack style. Although, the card still cannot be used for tournament play. The Challenge From KaibaCorp event begins next month in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.

Sources: SCRAP X Yu-Gi-Oh game page